Santa Ana Chamber will hold its Expo in…Orange?!?

I am trying to figure out what the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce is up to. For some reason, when you visit their website, their “things to do” page includes South Coast Plaza…which is in Costa Mesa. And it also includes the Doubletree Hotel…in Orange.

And another question…why doesn’t the Chamber include Calle 4 on its “things to do” page? In fact they don’t seem to highlight the City’s Latino businesses at all. No wonder there is a Hispanic Chamber of Orange County. But shouldn’t the Santa Ana Chamber 0f Commerce represent ALL businesses in the city?

Here is the real kicker…if you go to their “Business Connection” page, you will find that the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce will host its “Fall Business Expo and Technology Pavilion” at the Doubletree Hotel, in Orange! What, there are NO facilities in Santa Ana that want to host this function? Are you kidding me? Did the Chamber even BOTHER to look?

Couldn’t they use the Santa Ana Elks Lodge? It is huge and has a ton of parking. What about Santa Ana College? Surely they have a hall or two available. Are there no hotels in Santa Ana that can host such a function? What about some of the City halls, such as the Southwest Senior Center?

I cannot imagine their members are very happy about all this.

And so I sent them a note today, directly from their website, to ask how much it costs to join the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. My intentions are to show up to their meetings and talk to the other businesses about what is REALLY going in the City of Santa Ana, and at the Chamber.

I have a feeling we won’t be hearing from the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce anytime soon…

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