Re: War in Iraq. "I don’t believe our president has done his job." Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

On Friday/Saturday, October 12th and 13th I attended the first Annual Western Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that was held in Newport Beach, CA. Without providing a list of all the guest speakers and attendees this post will focus on the Saturday afternoon Session entitled “Peace thought Strength” where we listened to Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher as he provided the opening remarks. With regard to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan Dana pulled no punches. In his opening remarks he said “I don’t believe our president has done his job.” Dana took President Bush to task stating he “didn’t have a political plan in place to get the job done.” He also mentioned our coddling of Saudi Arabia.
Following Dana FOX News Military Analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney reported that “the surge is working.” He too joined Dana in naming Saudi Arabia as a key player providing aid to the opposition from Mecca and Medina. He warned us of the involvement of Iran in this conflict. He went further stating that “Russia and China are not our friends in this fight.” He spoke of the need for covert action and pointed out that there were 4300 demonstrations in Iran. There are friendly Iranians who could assist us in this conflict resolution. Fellow FOX Military Analyst Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely said our focus today should be “Peace through Strength.” Paul quoted former Sec of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in saying that “our government is not structured for today and tomorrow.” He listed several nation states assisting the enemy along with enablers such as North Korea and Russia. He informed us that “today Islam is not a peaceful religion.” He added that “Europe is finding out the hard way with innocent people getting killed.” Maj. Gen. Vallely said the best general we have now is general Petraeus. He called our state department “totally ineffective and dysfunctional.”

In commenting on Iran he told us that there are 16 border crossings of which two are used by the Iranians. While there should be an “end game” in any war. He went on saying that “we must let the generals out of the box as we did in W.W.II.”

The final panelist was Lt. Col “Buzz” Patterson whose presentation took a different approach. Buzz opened by telling us that “there is a war here by the left in this country.” He cited “George Soros, academics” as well as “the Hollywood pop culture.” He added that “our soldiers biggest threat is not insurgents but the major media in the U.S.” He cited Sen “Harry Reid stating the war is lost” and others saying “it can’t be won” as a failure to demonstrate support for the same troops which congress earlier supported by their votes as we have all read. We have some incompetent leadership including Speaker “Pelosi denouncing the war after she voted for it.” He also took Hollywood to task for only promoting negative movies such as Fahrenheit 911 that is being shown in the Middle East.

During Q & A the first question was about the comments of Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez where he is quoted to say that we went to war with a “catastrophically flawed” plan. There is no question that some courses of action are wrong. That in itself should not take away from the current surge which is working.

During the convention I had an opportunity to speak with both Lt. Gen. McInerney and Maj. Gen. Vallely about the war and their latest co-authored paperback book entitled “Baghdad Ablaze,” How to Extinguish The Fires in Iraq. My next post will be a critique of this very informative overview of the current conflict and a six point plan to stabilize Iraq that will surely open your eyes to facts not covered by mainstream media.

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