Orange Juice: Week in Review

The So Cal Firestorm was the big story this week…but there were a lot of other interesting stories that are worth revisiting in our Week in Review. Now that the weather is turning and the fires hopefully will be contained, it is a good time to take a second look at this week’s Orange Juice highlights.

We did cover the firestorm, with daily upates. We began the coverage with a So Cal Firestorm Blog/News Round up, then we had updates on Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7. Thomas Gordon then asked why there is no Fire Authority in San Diego? And he asked if the problem is “Global warming or poor forest management?

Our co-blogger, Claudio Gallegos, is leaving soon – but not without writing several memorable posts. He began the week with his recap of the DPOC Truman Dinner, which he covered in three parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. And he reminded us that he has “One more week” at the Orange Juice.

Claudio also told us about a conservative commentator who gloated about liberals losing their homes in the firestorm. Claudio continued the firestorm theme with a look at why we should have voted for Measure D. The OC Register later picked up on the hypocrisy of Todd Spitzer and Bill Campbell, and Claudio rightfully gloated a bit with “Told ya so!

We broke new ground this week with the debut of our new blogger, “Little Saigon Insider.” His first post was a revealing look at Van Tran’s deceitful spin regarding U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, Michael Michalak’s visit to Orange County.

Our Santa Ana coverage was scintillating, as usual. Sean Mill scored the hottest story of the week with “The “Usual Suspects” New Weapon,” where he examined a new alliance between the Usual Suspects and a community health organization.

Mill also created an uproar with his “Don Cribb Speaks” post. And he surprised us all when he had an “Audience with the Mayor.”

Thomas Gordon asked “When will they ever learn,” as he revealed an apparent scheme by the City of Santa Ana to draw the wagons around their Renaissance Plan, as they scheduled a meeting with neighbors about the plan on the same night as the Com Link Committee meeting.

Larry Gilbert wrote about a book that focused on Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream’s performance…and the cuts he made years ago which appear to have led to systemic negligence of infrastructure and street maintenance.

Claudio pitched in with “Santa Ana: Wool pulled over our eyes, part two.”

I wrote about the theft of 14 historical plaques from Santa Ana’s downtown buildings, and about the capture of the two homeless thieves who tried to sell the plaques to local recyclers.

And we closed out the week with our list of “Santa Ana’s Scariest People.”

We also covered other OC and national news. I took OC Register reporter Martin Wisckol to task for bungling an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, and Claudio did too.

Larry Gilbert wrote about former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s visit to Newport Beach. He also got folks worked up with a look at FDR’s comments on sending American boys into foreign wars.

Aria Ghafari told us that Congressman John Campbell asked his fellow Republican, Congressman John Doolittle, to resign. Aria also wrote about a new documentary about former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Our artwork this week is Goya’s The Third of May, 1808, which depicts the horrors of war and the corruption of the early ideals of the French. The victim is covered in light, a symbol of Truth, Widsom, and purity. He has a face, as do those around him. On the other hand, the rest of the scene is in darkness. The French are dehumanized; only their backs are visible, and they have no faces. Here, the French are seen as torturers, abusers who have usurped the liberty of the Spanish people.

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