Matt/Jubal STILL thinks Measure D was useless

Earlier today, Red-faced County/OC Blog editor Matt “Juball” Cunningham (pictured at right) challenged me over at Liberal OC, “Art, since you seem to have all the answers, perhaps you can point out exactly what difference adoption of Measure D would have made in fighting the Santiago fire.”

Well, the Sunday L.A. Times actually had an answer to Matt’s petulant query, as follows:

By 9 p.m. the Fire Authority noted in its incident reports that a lack of resources had “greatly hampered” its effort.

The county had to call the state for help. The state turned to Nevada and Arizona. But those teams didn’t arrive until days later. The county also didn’t receive early help from the state.

A blue ribbon commission that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed following the 2003 fire season recommended that California buy 150 more fire engines for emergencies. Only 19 have been ordered, and none has been delivered.

“I was on that commission, and I know that these things take time,” Prather said. “But we have to make sure that these recommendations don’t just end up on the shelf because we can see exactly what will happen.”

Prather said that if he had had 25 extra engines — from the state and surrounding communities — his crews could have beaten the fire before it crossed Santiago Canyon Road and threatened 3,000 homes.

Read that last paragraph again. There you go Matt! Hope that answered your question.

Readers – if you would like to hear John & Ken, of KFI, absolutely raking Matt’s patron, O.C. Supervisor Bill Campbell, over the coals be sure to click here. Campbell, you may recall, tried to put Monsignor John Urell on a County Commission…but that blew up in his face too when folks realized that Urell covered up for molester priests. Then Campbell put Matt on a County Commission. Well, now both Matt and his sponsor are on the hot seat!

You can also hear Campbell getting ripped on today’s John & Ken show by clicking here. And you can listen to them ripping the OC GOP machine, which Matt serves, over the Carona fiasco by clicking here. Lastly, be sure to listen to Matt himself getting roasted by John & Ken over the Urell disaster at this link.

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