"Little Saigon Insider" speaks up about the "Trannies"

I recently put out a call for new bloggers, and I mentioned our desire to sign a Vietnamese blogger. Well, as it turns out, many O.C. Vietnamese activists are afraid to blog with their real names, because of fear of retribution by the Van Tran cabal, which I often refer to as “Trannies.”

I did however receive the note below from someone who calls himself “Little Saigon Insider.” It is interesting reading…and insight into just what the “Trannies” are up to in Little Saigon.

Last week Martin Wisckol wrote about how Team Trannies continues to give Janet the cold shoulder by not including her on a letter sent to Sen. Barbara Boxer with 12 other Vietnamese American elected officials.

Of course this story was then picked up by Jubal. Well, since none of the Trannies would publicly respond to why they have to continue to try to belittle Janet to Martin or even to Jubal and not include her in the letter.

Interesting thing in this week’s Nguoi Viet Daily News, there was an article in which Truong Diep (aka Tomahawk/Little Saigon Watcher), a field representative to Van Tran was quoted on why they did not include Janet on the letter.

“We didn’t invite Janet Nguyen because Janet Nguyen did not invite us to New York.”

This attitude is kind of like “I hit him because he hit me first.” What a baby! Everyone in Little Saigon knows how petty Truong Diep’s quote was and the bad image he just gave to the Trannies. Note to the Trannies – use someone else to be your spokesperson.

If this is the logic, then maybe Janet shouldn’t invite any of them to her County Community Service Center Grand Opening yesterday since they didn’t invite her. However, Janet isn’t as petty. Truong Diep even showed up to Janet’s opening.

The truth is Van Tran did not include both Supervisor Janet Nguyen and Trustee Kim Oanh Lam-Nguyen. Kim Oanh is on the GGUSD. She has been an outcast from the Trannies because she ran against Photoshop Trung Nguyen (Van Tran’s hand picked candidate) for the Garden Grove Unified School District in 2004. Before that election occurred, Van Tran told Kim Oanh that it wasn’t her time. Instead of telling her that he had another candidate that he wanted to support, he just told her that she can’t run.

Of course this same strong armed method was used against Janet when she was not Van’s chosen candidate again.

The sad thing for Van Tran is that both of the two women won and both beat Photoshop Trung Nguyen. Maybe it is about time Van Tran stops playing the Kingmaker hat in the Vietnamese American community.

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