Censorship scandal continues to unfold in Santa Ana

The fallout from the Santa Ana City Council’s attempt to remove me, Thomas Gordon and Sean Mill from our appointed City Commissions because we write critical blog posts about Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his council puppets continued unabated today.

I was interviewed by Martin Syjuco, the Opinion Editor of the El Don newspaper at Santa Ana College. I suspect there will be a commentary in their next edition.

I also received a phone call from a reporter at the O.C. Register, who informed me that apparently someone at the City of Santa Ana posted a query on a California League of Cities bulletin board asking if anyone had a good example of a “Code of Conduct” for local elected officials and their appointees. Hmmm….interesting timing. Could this be the latest attempt to censor us? I wonder if blogging will be referenced on the eventual Santa Ana Code of Conduct? It sure sounds like Censorshipgate Round II.

Speaking of the California League of Cities, one of their associates will be publishing a commentary I wrote about this week’s events on his blog tomorrow. That blog is read by some 6,000 local elected officials. I can only hope that they will learn from Santa Ana’s mistake and not try to censor the bloggers in their respective areas.

The local blogs also covered the censorship scandal. You can read about it at Liberal OC and at Red County/OC Blog, as well as at the OC Weekly’s Navelgazing Blog. The OC Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley also mentioned the story in his “Monday’s Headlines & Surprises.”

One of our commenters, Preston L. Bannister, also informed us that apparently we made it onto NPR last night. I know that the story was picked up on KFWB, and I was interviewed by Chip Franklin on KOGO, in San Diego, on their morning show. We also heard from folks as far away as Denver, reporting that they too heard about the censorship scandal on their local news stations.

If the Santa Ana City Council persists and actually removes us from our commissions, I think we will end up on Larry King Live! They’re going to need a pretty wide lens to film me, Sean and Thomas…

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