While 11 officials are accused of corruption, where’s the blog coverage?

To my beloved brothers from the “left.”

One recently posted a story entitled “Come on out, Larry.” The worst case scenario being an Idaho Senator stopping in an airport restroom where disputed facts could almost be a “he said V. he said.” Important “stuff” relating to his duties as a US Senator. I have not read where Senator Larry Craig gave away Confidential documents, took bribes from contractors or similar illegal conduct. If guilty, it’s fair game to attack him on “family values” but let’s focus on the magnitude of the media coverage.

However, when the story involves members of the Democratic Party the silence is deafening. It has been 24 hours since we learned about elected officials being bribed in my home state of New Jersey and yet not a single word from the other camp.
I would argue that these allegations are more serious than another elected official accused of putting his hand on a bathroom stall or taping his feet as he meditates.

I am glad to see today’s Register coverage. Let me cite a few highlights for those who only read negative press about Republicans. What’s interesting in the AP coverage is that “N.J. Democrats tell colleagues to quit over bribery probe.”
As no one else appears willing to post this story I shall.

“All 11 officials, plus a private individual, are accused of taking cash payments of $1,500 to $17,500 to influence who received public contracts.” The article goes on to list two members of the state Assembly who may leave their posts by tomorrow due to the corruption probe. In addition to two state assembly members the accused are school board members, city councilmen and two mayors.

I commend the U.S. Attorney office covering the state of New Jersey for their efforts to root out corruption by elected officials. The story states that over the past five years 108 public officials have been convicted of federal corruption charges. Kudos’ to the U.S. Attorney for sending a message that corruption by elected officials will not be tolerated.

And the question for Juice readers.

While campaign contributions are legal, do you think that New Jersey is the only state with similar payoffs to elected officials?
Given that most elected officials are honest, do you ever question why “some” in Orange County spend tens of thousands of dollars to get elected for jobs paying only $500 per month?

This investigation does surprise me in that they included individuals who took $1,500. While the size of the payoff should not be relevant, the small sum makes me wonder.
Should that same yardstick be used in our state how many elected officials would need to be replaced?

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