Two Republicans who "get it"

Something interesting happened yesterday in San Diego. The Mayor, Jerry Sanders, who is a Republican “abruptly reversed his public opposition to same-sex marriage,” according to the L.A. Times.

Here are a few more excerpts from the Times article:

Sanders, tears welling and voice breaking, said he realized that he could not tell his daughter Lisa, who is gay, that her relationship with a partner is not as important as that of a straight couple.

“I’ve decided to lead with my heart. . . to take a stand on behalf of equality and social justice,” he said haltingly. He signaled his change before signing a City Council resolution aimed at overturning the state’s ban on same-sex unions.

Sanders, a Republican and ex-police chief, announced this week that he is seeking reelection. His political base includes conservative voters, many of whom oppose gay marriage.

Wow! Brave move by Sanders (pictured above, with his daughter). He did the right thing. Republicans in Orange County should take note.

And Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was also landed in an L.A. Times article when he “said Wednesday that a healthcare overhaul would not be derailed by “Mickey Mouse”-type concerns about covering illegal immigrants. He also compared California’s Republican Party to an obese person in denial, and predicted that Rudolph W. Giuliani would be his party’s nominee for president.”

Here are a few excerpts from the Times article:

The comments came in an eclectic discussion with The Times’ editorial board in which the governor championed his $9-billion plan to expand water storage efforts and promoted his proposal to require everyone in the state to have health insurance.

At The Times, Schwarzenegger, who wants to change the way insurers and hospitals function, expressed optimism that a healthcare deal with state Democratic leaders could succeed at the ballot.

He said he was confident labor unions, business groups and hospitals would back an initiative that would place a new tax on healthcare providers and require employers to spend a specified sum on healthcare or pay into a state fund that would help workers secure insurance.

Asked whether voter anger about illegal immigrants, which led to the repeal of a 2003 law to let them obtain drivers’ licenses, might be used by opponents of his healthcare plan to doom it, Schwarzenegger said: “Those are Mickey Mouse things compared to immigration reform.

“The real big elephant in the room is that for years and years and years the people have been angry and the federal government hasn’t been doing anything about it,” he said.

Schwarzenegger said his plan would not give illegal immigrants any new healthcare opportunities but would allow counties to shift all the money they spend caring for the uninsured now — often in emergency rooms — to less expensive clinics.

The outline of the plan the governor released in January estimated that counties would receive about $1 billion a year that could be used to treat about 750,000 undocumented immigrants who lacked coverage from employers.

Though noting that he has not endorsed anyone, the governor said Giuliani is “the most consistent, stable person who is out there who makes the most sense to the people. That’s why his poll numbers are high.”

I don’t know the particulars of Schwarzenegger’s water storage plan, but we ARE on the verge of a major water crisis. Water is already being rationed in Long Beach. Can we be far behind?

And providing healthcare to immigrants just makes sense. We will pay a lot more later if they and other poor people cannot get access to preventative healthcare.

Finally, Schwarzenegger’s comments about Giuliani are an obvious slap at Reeps like those found in the OC GOP Machine. They are stupidly clinging to Mitt Romney even though polls show that he is tanking in California. If the Reeps would let independents vote in their primary, Giuliani would clearly rule the day. And he is perhaps their only candidate who could beat Shrillary Clinton.

I am encouraged by the actions of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps there is some hope for the California Republicans after all.

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