Trung recall stumbles out of the gate

Apparently O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s brother in law, James Gaughan, is involved in an effort to recall Garden Grove School Board Member Trung Nguyen, from the Orange County Board of Education. Oopsie! Wrong office there Jimmy.

What a huge mistake! It reminds me of Dick Cheney’s ill fated hunting trip. Sure, he had the right outfit, the right guns, and lots of deer to shoot at. But he shot his buddy instead. In this case, the Trung recall campaign shot themselves in the foot before leaving the starting gate.

Total Buzz broke the story. Red County/OC Blog followed suit and then wrote about Gaughan’s involvement, and they later revealed that Janet is not supporting the screwed up Trung recall. Can’t blame her for that one.

The recall campaign appears to be made up of Garden Grove merchants who are mad at the Tran cabal for their involvement in protests that have hurt businesses on Main St. I understand their anger, but trying to recall Trung is not a good move. It makes him a victim. And botching the recall makes the recall supporters look like ding dongs.

Instead, I suggest that the factions who are mad at Tran and Trung get involved in recruiting a Democrat to run against Van Tran for the 68th Assembly District.

I would not worry about Trung. His window of opportunity came and went. He is now a non issue. Leave him to fester on the Garden Grove School Board and move on. Trung is just a guppy…Tran is the big fish who needs to be taken out. Trung, left to his own devices, will never amount to anything. He has already lost more races than I can keep track of. Trying to recall him is just a huge waste of time.

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