Tran went too far this time!

I am hearing that Assemblyman Van Tran was part of the OC GOP machine cabal that arranged to have Erwin Chemerinsky fired as dean of the new UCI law school. That figures.

Tran last year was also involved in having Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam fired as Superintendent of the Westminster Unified School District, from what my pajaritos report.

By the way, Tran graduated from Hamline University School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota. That law school has quite a few liberal law professors, from what I hear. But that did not stop Tran from going there to get his law degree.

But Tran went to UCI for his undergraduate degree. And now he has brought great shame to his alma mater.

Ironically, Tran’s latest move has totally backfired on him and the other shameless Republicans who were involved in ousting Chemerinsky. That bunch includes L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, former California Republican Party Chairman Mike Schroeder, current California Republican State Senate leader Dick Ackerman and uber-right-wing blogger Jon Fleischman. They are now getting ripped by their fellow Republicans! Folks are beginning to realize that the firing of Chemerinsky has become a rallying cry for Orange County Democrats and other progressives.

My co-blogger, Thomas Gordon, also reported today that there is an ongoing effort to rehire Chemerinsky at UCI. Now that’s a great idea!

Tran and his ridiculous cohorts should not be allowed to get away with this! Now more than ever the Democratic Party of Orange County needs to run a serious candidate against him next year, for the 68th Assembly District. This ought to be the beginning of the end for Tran…

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