Totally buzzed on Tran

Martin Wisckol, over at the O.C. Register’s Total Buzz (which ought to be renamed Totally Buzzed on Tran) totally ignored Assemblyman Van Tran’s wild copter ride, but inexplicably he decided to write a post about the baptism of Tran’s baby. How in the world is that news?

Tran blows God only knows how much money on a bogus helicopter ride to pimp the 241 extension, and instead of reading about THAT we get a story about his baby. Wow.

You can see the picture of Tran, his wife Cyndi (pictured on left) who was indicted for pretending to be a lawyer and for insurance fraud, and Baby Tran at this link.

Wisckol also blogged about the effort by a few anti-war protesters to ask the Santa Ana City Council to impeach Bush, but he IGNORED the vote tonight to raise our water rates, which was the bigger story BY FAR.

And folks wonder why the newspapers are dying?

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