State Assembly Speaker "Mr. Spitzer, take the food off the floor"

Perhaps every voter with a VCR or TiVo should have taped the current sessions being broadcast from Sacramento. Case in point. The Democratic majority surely wants to convert CA into a “nanny state.” That was most evident by their debate on Senator Padillo’s SB 120 today. This Bill, if passed, would require large restaurant chains, those with 15 or more outlets, to add nutrition information on their current menu boards for all menu items that have been offered for the past six months.

Talk about being a “nanny state” where the government will expand product labeling and punish you for non compliance. Someone joked about the Democratic majority promoting this concern about our caloric intake while having “cookies in the lounge” that should be removed. One “overweight” Republican, whose name I shall not provide, stated that “we have capacities as adults to make decisions on our own.” Shortly thereafter we heard the following exchange. The Speaker spoke out and said “Mr. Spitzer, take the food off the floor.” There was some humor as we listened to 19 speakers debate the pro’s and con’s of this “very important” piece of legislation.

Do you really think that a car load of teenagers going thru a drive-in, without their parents, will stop and take out their calorie counter as they order a Big Mac and some French fries?

Yes, we do have an obesity problem in this country but adding more regulations onto the private sector is not the solution. As we added labels to canned and packaged goods do you truly think that the majority of overweight families read and calculated that data in their meal preparations? To paraphrase Member DeVore. Allow the private sector to decide on their own if they think it will give them an advantage to show a low caloric count. As an example, one Republican mentioned “subway sandwiches” which are known to promote their low fat content. This government “feel good” will not stop one teenager from buying something that is not low in calories.
It’s time for us to take personal responsibility for our well being. What obesity remedies will the legislature draft next?

I believe it was Member Greg Aghazarian who said” this bill will not do anything to solve obesity.” I agree.
While I do not have the final outcome on the voting, my sense is that the majority party will prevail and the Bill will move up the trail.

What is your opinion on this “nanny government” legislative action?

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