Salvaging history in Santa Ana

The Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society will hold a salvage sale on Saturday, September 22 from 10 am to 2 pm. The sale will be held in the parking lot of the Dr. Howe-Waffle House at 120 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana.

Included in the sale will be doors, windows, sinks, moldings, built in cabinets, and various other salvaged items. We even have some red clay roofing tiles that were made in Holland. Please note that all materials are “as is.” We do our best to remove them from the homes in the best shape possible, but sometimes age and neglect have taken some toll on them.

We would appreciate it if you passed this information on to anyone who is interested! However, please be aware of the following:

No dealers, please. The historical society’s goal is two-fold: Obviously one goal is that this is intended as a fundraiser for the historical society. The other goal is to help homeowners in the restoration of their old homes and to do so at a reasonable price. Each goal is of equal value to us. In addition, our agreement with the city also does not allow us to sell to dealers.

Santa Ana residents are given preference in the form of an additional discount on their purchase. If you are a Santa Ana resident, please bring proof of residence with you (drivers license, utility bill, etc.).

The sale will start at 10 am, not before. We need some time for set up to help the sale run as smoothly as possible. No one but the workers will be allowed on the premises prior to 10 am. We are fine with a line forming out front, but please respect the barricades until we are ready to open. Please do not ask to come in and browse before the sale as it interferes with our ability to prep for the sale. No “lookie loo” requests will be honored before 10 am.

Again, all materials are sold as is. We can’t guarantee everything is in perfect condition. In fact, it likely is not.

These sales to get quite busy. We will do the best we can to help everyone, and serve everyone on a first come first served basis, but please remember we are volunteers and doing the best we can. We are human, we can guarantee you that we will not be perfect, but we do try to do our best.

Please be friendly to each other too! (We know these sales can sometimes get tense, so a warning in advance is not always a bad idea!)

The sale is held in the parking lot of the Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle House at 120 Civic Center Drive W., at the corner of Sycamore and Civic Center, one block west of Main Street, and across from the beautiful Old Orange County Courthouse. Click here for a map.

To get on our salvage sale email list, click on the email newsletter link at the top of this page.

If you are looking for some special red clay tiles, click here for information and photos. Each tile is red clay, about 8×11″, with a stylized pattern on the surface, and is marked made in Holland on the reverse. The tiles interlock by overlapping the raised lip on the left side with the capped lip on the right side (shown in the image above.) The photo below shows both sides of the tile.

These salvage items are part of a program sponsored by the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society. In cooperation with the City of Santa Ana and with the assistance of volunteers from throughout the city, we save certain components of older homes slated for demolition and offer them to residents who wish to reuse them in their older homes.

While SAHPS works to avoid the demolition of architectural-unique Santa Ana houses, at times it’s unavoidable. In these cases, we are now removing some of the unique components (like gum-wood doors, vintage ceiling tiles, lighting fixtures, etc.) and offering them for sale to local residents for use in their homes.

If you have additional questions, please leave a message for our volunteer salvage coordinator, Nathan Reed, on our message line at (714) 547-9645. We will pass the message to him. However realize that we are all volunteers and have full-time jobs and families. Our response time may be delayed. Your best bet would be to show up early on the Salvage day.

NOTE: The above copy came from the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society’s website.

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