Pulido lied to residents about support for Quiet Zones in Santa Ana

The O.C. Register published an opinion letter today by one of my neighbors, Isabel Reed, in the Park Santiago Neighborhood of Santa Ana.

She wrote them to complain about Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s vote against the OCTA proposal to establish Quiet Zones that will silence the ridiculously loud train horns when they pass through many O.C. neighborhoods, in exchange for safety measures that will be largely funded by the OCTA.

Pulido voted no because he does not want the City of Santa Ana to pay the 12% that the OCTA won’t cover.

Apparently Pulido LIED to Reed and other community activists in my area.

Here is Reed’s letter:

OCTA tracks with the right priorities on quiet zones

Thousands of people who live along the train corridor from north to south county must have been elated after learning that the Orange County Transportation Authority Board approved $60 million to establish a quiet zone at all 53 crossings in the county [“$60 million rail plan OK’d,” Local Aug. 28]. One reason many people voted for the extension of Measure M was that it stipulated funds for quieting train horns. With the implementation of Metrolink, we now have 60 trains per 24 hour period and that will increase to 90 trains by 2009.

Mayor Carolyn Cavecche is to be commended for listening to her constituents and making the quiet zone one of her priorities. Jim Owens and his committee from Orange have been front-runners is pursuing a quiet zone. And the Grand Jury’s report also increased the awareness of the OCTA Board that this was a crisis.

We, in northeast Santa Ana, have been working for three years to make our voices heard. We have petitioned the city, gone before the council, and hounded city staff. We were disappointed, dismayed, and upset to learn that Mayor Miguel Pulido was the only dissenting vote for the funding of the Quiet Zone. He had long promised his constituents his full support of a quiet zone and made that promise to us at an April meeting with residents.

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