Politicians show up to Santa Ana Fiestas Patrias

I visited the Fiesta Patrias parade and street festival in Santa Ana today. Here are my observations:

  • Al Amezcua was there, riding in the back of a stake bed truck with a bunch of other folks. He looked funny in a suit. He eventually got out and walked behind a bunch of young ladies. I was really tempted to yell out “Who is Al Amezcua?” but I restrained myself.
  • Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido was there too, perched on top of a big fire truck. I guess he did not want to get too close to the immigrants! He had two little girls up there with him. I don’t know if they were his kids or not. But they were both blonds.
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez got the biggest ovation. She was in one of her trademark red outfits. And she was smart enough to walk alongside the car with her banner. She shook a lot of hands.
  • State Senator Lou Correa was there too. He was running around in a nice guayabera shirt. He had his kids with him too.
  • Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez rode in a convertible. She proudly yelled “Viva Mexico!” over and over.
  • Councilman David Benavides also rode in a convertible. Like Pulido, he did not get out and shake hands.
  • And then there was Councilman Carlos Bustamante. Perched atop a Wells Fargo stagecoach. Nice way to show solidarity with the Mexicans at the festival.
  • And Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez was there…in a black B&W convertible. Nice of her to show up to see the little people. She did not, of course, leave her vehicle.
  • Speaking of Alvarez, the politician she wants to take out next year, O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen, was there too, in a convertible. I wish she had got out and shook a few hands, but at least she was there. The audience quited when she passed by. I guess they were surprised. I like that she is not conceding any ground to Alvarez.
  • Assemblyman Jose Solorio was there too, in a white convertible.
  • I also saw Cecilia Aguinaga in a convertible. She is running for the SAUSD Board of Education again.
  • And there were A LOT of Santa Ana police officers there – no doubt racking up the overtime. Many of them were on horses, others rode motorcycles with scary shotguns on them.

The food at the festival was expensive. I had a few tacos, for $1.50 each. My eleven year old had a hot dog that was wrapped in bacon. I think that one cost $4. I also had a tamarindo beverage for $3.

The carnival rides were expensive and they looked rickety.

There were a ton of people there. You could barely find parking and make your way around the downtown area. I did not see any twenty five year old artists on skateboards.

It was nice to see the people of Santa Ana celebrating their culture and their nationality with pride. If only I could let them know what most of the politicians they clapped for are all about.

If they knew that Claudia Alvarez and Miguel Pulido just raised their water rates so that we pay more than just about any other city in Orange County, they might not be so eager to applaud them.

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