New activist group in Mission Viejo fighting cell towers in city parks

It’s amazing that every elected official runs on a pledge of supporting “public safety” but after elected they do a 180 and tune out resident fears and concerns for the almighty buck.

Case in point. While there has been much written about the potential harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields, EMF, the Mission Viejo city manager hires a consultant to put a self serving “spin” on the future installation of cell towers in our city parks and recreation centers.

Mayor Reavis only discovered this contract by reading a check register.

Cell service providers give upwards of $2,000 per month for the right to install these devices. I recently posted about our city attorney, without direction from the council majority, creating an Ordinance related to this very issue that Lance MaClean told him to throw away.

Lance is so out of touch on the issue, especially having served on the ad-hoc team to address this issue, stated that churches may install these towers if we don’t agree to a plan. Hello Lance. Churches already have installed cell towers in their buildings.

We have some pretty sharp activists in our city. Without naming names I know the person who is spearheading this activism and web site. You can check out the history of their concerns by simply going to this link where you can obtain more data than I am sharing in this Blog post.

A link to read the city’s proposed Wireless Master Plan and selected data follows:

Mission Viejo Cell Out is a grassroots effort led by an alliance of MV citizens to protect 18 of our parks, open spaces and recreation centers from being sold off to wireless carriers by the city. We believe Mission Viejo parks and family centers should be safe places designated for recreation, not cell tower blight and commercial gain.

Our group formed in May 2007, in response to the city’s consideration of a “Wireless Master Plan” drafted by ATS Communications. This proposed Master Plan offers our parks to wireless carriers in exchange for city revenue. We believe the Wireless Master Plan is potentially one of the biggest sell-outs of our city since the SCE Viejo Systems Project. Mission Viejo Cell Out maintains the following goals: 1) Keep the public informed and share information via links to city documents 2) Provide action alerts and mobilize concerned citizens to attend the city council hearing on September 17.

Wireless Master Plan

The Wireless Master Plan started off as a good idea but ended up like a bad dream. The original idea was to provide better city planning to remedy the last 10 years of haphazard cell tower proliferation.What went wrong? Financial gain entered the picture. The city sought the additional goal of having a “Plan” that exclusively designates city property for cell tower revenue.

Simply stated, the goal of decreasing cell tower proliferation is in conflict with the goal of increasing city revenue from cell towers; especially when the city involves a contractor (ATS) who also shares in the earnings. The two goals are non-compatible, incongruent, and do not co-exist ethically.

Hence you wind up with a swell of angry citizens because of a city’s double talk, which ends up transparantly inauthentic. “You can’t fool all of the people…”Additionally, a more accurate and truly effective “Master Plan” would survey the city as a whole, noting coverage gaps and offering either city or non-city owned sites based on the best (not the only) choice.

Contrary to this, the ATS Wireless Master Plan comes up with an exclusive list of 18 city properties; which ends up being merely a list of all our parks.If the Wireless Master Plan is adopted, these 18 parks & recreation centers will be marketed to wireless carriers for the construction of cell towers in exchange for city revenue.

To view a copy of the proposed Wireless Master Plan drafted by ATS, click here.

“An international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals released a report which raises a concern about childhood leukemia, brain tumors, acoustic neuromas and Alzheimer’s disease from EMF exposure.” That said, shouldn’t our elected officials take a position that when in doubt, always lean to public health over public wealth?

To see the above referenced data simply click on this link.

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