Mission Viejo city library celebrates its 11th anniversary

As we read of plans to possibly add a new library in Santa Ana, I found the program for the Mission Viejo Library groundbreaking that was held on September 7, 1996. As such today is our eleventh anniversary.

At the groundbreaking meeting we listened to former Supervisor Gaddi H. Vasquez, who, at that time, was Vice President, Public Affairs, Southern California Edison.

I recall our librarian making a presentation sometime after the official opening that our library membership, while no longer part of the county system, included residents of every city in Orange County, as well as some from other areas.

Perhaps my friends in Santa Ana and points north might take a drive to check out our digs and check out some books, tapes or videos. Our library also offers a passport service. Before leaving be sure to stop in at our very active used book store where you can find some real treasures at a bargain cost.

Larry Gilbert with a positive post about his home town.

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