Michael Moore where are you?

With the less than auspicious release of “Sicko” and Moore’s
take on the disastrous American Healthcare System…..you can’t
even find him hanging out with Al Gore. Hey, Al won an Emmy
last night if you didn’t know….for doing a “Network” dedicated
to 15 second sound and video clips! Congrats Al…we can’t wait
to see those Rudy for President ads!

Meanwhile, as we were saying – Michael Moore took some sick and
disenfranchised Fire Fighters…that worked to clean-up the Twin
Towers after 911 to Cuba! Hard to reach the connection, but we
suppose he thought that Cuba or Venezuela were better places
for health care than say Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, France
or India. Anyway, to be fair – he actually went to Guantanamo
to ask the Marines guarding Al Qaeda to take his sick passengers.

“Sicko” didn’t break any records or talk many people out of
going to see the 2nd Spiderman movie. But now, Moore has just
offered a below the radar, low level European release of his
latest movie. What, you didn’t know he has made another Harvey
Weinstein Docu-Mocu-mentary Distributed film from so-called
Independent Millionaires like – Michael Moore?

“Captain Mike Across America” may be coming to a theatre near
you soon. This one is all about Michael Moore’s favorite person
on earth – Michael Moore! No self-righteous, pal of Jimmy Carter
would have it any other way! Hey, this one opened to a limited
engagement of few patrons in Dublin, Ireland on September 10th!
Why haven’t we heard of the standing room only crowds? Why
haven’t we seen chanting, sign holding, blog pounding comments
about America’s Basher Number 1 from Cindy Sheehan? Does he
really know Al Gore?

Well, we encourage everyone to contact their local Cinema and
ask them to bring “Captain Mike Across America” to a theatre
near you. This self bloviating, all about me micro-biography
about Michael Moore…..has to be a must see. Will it tell
all about how he marries into money? Will it tell how he has
been a Hollywood Insider since the 70’s? Who knows? Whatever
happens ……the Academy Awards are coming in February and
we can’t wait to see…Michael get up there on the dias to
accept his award and beat up on Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto
Gonzales, Dick Cheney and President Bush! Moore is just so
60’s isn’t he! Are all/most of the baby boomers like him? We
keep waiting to hear the news that Michael Moore has personally
paid for all the necessary Healthcare costs it will take to
help those debilitated NYFD guys he used in “Sicko”. We may be
waiting a very long time! In the meantime, let’s go see his
latest “all about me” – “creation”!

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