Journalism sliding down a slippery slope. Celebrity coverage trumps major news story

Here we go again. Everyone in the media is focused on another O.J story that you simply cannot avoid unless you are on an island without communication capabilities.

Talk radio, daily newspapers, network and cable news are each hovering over a courthouse in Las Vegas to cover this very important story that could impact our health and public safety, NOT.

While it occurred two weeks ago, another story is buried or overlooked completely that deserved broader coverage. No, it did not include any Hollywood celebrity, will probably not increase Nielsen ratings or advertising dollars. That may explain the “under the radar” reporting of Israel’s 69th Squadron’s F-15 strike into Syria where they hit an underground bunker that may have contained nuclear weapons or material possibly supplied by North Korea in an attempt to hide said material as they agree to “give up their nuclear program in exchange for economic aid.”

One report said that “the air strikes were a diversion for a daring Israeli commando raid, in which nuclear materials were intercepted en route to Iran and hauled to Israel. Others claim they were destroyed in the attack.” What really happened?

The question of the day. Why hasn’t Syria filed a complaint against this Israeli military action with the U.N.?

UPDATE: “The First Post.
The Syrian government’s decision to lodge a formal complaint with the UN about the incursion of Israeli warplanes into its airspace last week has shed further light on a mysterious incident that has significantly cranked up tensions between two old enemies over the contested Golan Heights.

Despite Israel’s continuing refusal to make any official comment, there is little doubt that several of its F-15 fighters did penetrate deep inside Syrian territory, breaking the sound barrier and jettisoning fuel drop tanks with Hebrew markings.”

Where is the media on this military activity in the hot bed of the Middle East? Is this story true? Did this attack really occur?

From what I have noticed, the only recent mention of the U.N. by the media was Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s desire to lay a wreath at “ground zero” when he arrives to address the opening session of the U.N.’s General Assembly next week.

For 24 hours, starting this Friday evening, Jews around the world participate in a day of atonement and repentance of sins. This holiest of Jewish holidays is known as Yom Kipper. With Israel’s being attacked on that holiday in 1973, and this recent “under the radar screen” action, I am sure that their military will be on heightened alert this weekend.

Although the Orange Juice “Mission” is to cover local news I am getting tired of the media focus on “important issues of the day” such as the arrests of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson and now the latest chapter of the O.J. story.

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