Fluoride or Fluoridigate!

Back in the 1930’s and 40’s…here in California there
were between 5 and 7 million people. Sounds like a lot
doesn’t it. Actually, there weren’t but over a million
people in Los Angeles in 1940. At any rate, water has
always been a big deal. There are Museums and Libraries
all over Southern California with the names of important
providers that were responsible for Colorado River water,
the LA River, Santa Ana River and others. The gooey red
liquid of the Colorado River…had to be filtered, left
to stand for months and then in many cases have chemicals
added…just to make it what people call “potable”. We
guess than means you can take a bucket and let your horse
drink from it.

In those days passed, we could always tell if someone came
from out of state. Especially for certain parts of Texas,
Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas and others. Many were seen
with large brown holes in their teeth and on their gum lines.
It wasn’t very attractive. It was known that the water from
those areas contain high concentrations of alkaline in the
water supplies. Oddly enough, those water supplies
additionally added Fluoride…which believe it or not, does
not in wrong proportions create whiter teeth, but browner
teeth. Even certain toothpastes cause browning of the teeth.
Long term smokers know what happens when they add high alkaline
fluoride water in their coffee to two packs a day. Serious
brown teeth, gum line recession and hazards to roots! Okay,
we need a disclaimer here. We are not Dentists…we are not
even water purifying experts. We are consumers who know how
to check the facts in Google. We also know how to open our
eyes and see the facts.

There are many today in Orange County that are touting the
addition of Fluoride into our daily water supply for 43 of
50 communities. In the meantime, remember those communities
in other states that used to use Fluoride – they have quit.
Current studies are looking at one part per million is enough
to cause cancer! Oh we know, doesn’t everything? Hey, don’t
we have great minds at MWD, The State of California, The EPA
and other commissions and boards that would never allow this
Fluoride to be entered into our water supply if it were not
safe to do so?

Right now, there are bigger fish to fry and one includes the
use of Reclaimed Sewage Water being mixed 50-50 with our basic
native well water, Colorado River Water (whatever our sturgeon
population or other species might not require). This shortage
is due to overpopulation of areas affected…has caused us to
take our Sewage, treat it with reverse osmosis and ultra-violet
light and then what? We are going to add Fluoride to kill the
suspended viruses that are left! Without Fluoride, Reclaimed
Sewage Water could lead to people ingesting certain heart
medications, birth control medications and thousands of over
the shelf. Suspended Viruses are the issue. No charcoal filter,
reverse osmosis or ultra-violet treatment reaches or destroys
all the suspended viruses in our water. These are the same
viruses that cause flu outbreaks and still to be determined
other serious health problems.

The powers that be have determined that Fluoride is the only
“cost effective” way to secure the public health. The side
effects – which we don’t know…may indeed include the browning
of teeth rather than the whitening of teeth. The side effects
may also include the “Andromeda Strain issue” which may involve
mutation, by the addition of Fluoride into some other not so
happy surprises…down the road. We need to look at Northern
California for this one and determine whether or not they too
are adding Fluoride to the water supply! There cannot be enough
studies for long enough on this issue!

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