Did Sen Ackerman take ill this morning? He missed 26 consecutive votes UPDATE : Sen Ackerman participated in 15 of 40 bills in the afternoon session

We have all read that, true to form, as the session comes to a close our legislature is expected to vote on hundreds of last minute Bills. I tuned in to watch the CA Senate’s morning session to see how each of the members voted including my representative, Senator Dick Ackerman. Before getting into details it appears that he missed the first few, than cast YES votes on SB754 Kehoe, SB 193 Hollingsworth along with NO votes on SB 14 McLeod and SB 260 Steinberg. Even during the second call he did not cast a vote on 26 consecutive Bills.

In giving him the benefit of the doubt, I am curious to see if had a valid reason for that non-participation. Other than being the Minority Leader in working behind the scenes on strategy and tactics, one would expect that he participate in the same freedom we fight for. The right to vote. Yes, it must surely be very frustrating as a Republican and sit in the chambers to hear Legislation drafted by the opposition being heard while we lack votes for many of our well thought out policy proposals simply on a party line basis. With a simple majority requirement for passage on almost every Bill our hands are surely tied.

When Mission Viejo opened it’s new city hall a few years ago we installed a costly electronic voting system. Prior to that we had a roll call process that former Mayor Bill Craycraft played line a violin. On many issues he would wait to see how the wind was blowing before casting his vote. At times our system does break down and we revert back to that former system.

I find it interesting that with all of the technology in the state of CA the Senate chooses to follow tradition and retains the Roll Call format where they take turns conducting the session and call out every one of the 40 names. I will not credit Bill Craycraft for delayed voting. By the way, Bill was one of my political mentors so there is no animosity with using his name.

As I took notes I watched as several of the senators delayed voting to see how their peers were voting. Lou Correa did so a few times. And yes, at times, some members were out of the chamber as noted by the chair.

On a tour of the Capitol a few years ago I seem to recall watching someone casting a vote on “another members” desk in the Assembly which uses electronic voting so there is a possible advantage for the Roll Call.

Let me also comment that this was not a party line morning as evidenced by the high number of YEA votes cast. Not a single Bill was defeated. Some were presented as concurrence with the Assembly side requested changes which might explain that outcome.
If my count is accurate Senator Tom McClintock voted in favor of seven Bills, non of which were sponsored by Republicans. While SB 20 and SB 557 were unanimously approved, Tom also supported SB 391, SB 103, SB 511, SB 756 and SB 880.

I also tracked the voting of Senator Lou Correa. Lou voted NO on SB 729, SB 103, SB 756, SB 880, AB 466 and AB 258, showing that he votes on the merits and not on a party line.

One thing that the Dem’s cannot accuse us of is blocking their legislation. At least 26 of the Bills I made note of had fewer than 14 NO votes. Six of the Bills had one NO vote that, in every case, was cast by Senator Tom McClintock.As they broke for lunch I will close this post. They are scheduled to reconvene at 1 p.m.

Later today I hope to watch the voting on AB 887. This is the companion Bill to ACA-8, their other flawed proposal to remedy our “eminent domain” abuses in CA. Recognizing the flaws of that Bill it was just amended to now offer protection to houses of worship. They heard our pleas, know they are misguided, and fixed one of the flaws in their proposed legislation. They still have a long way to go to truly offer protection of our real property rights.Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Afternoon Session (as of 3:30 p.m.). Senator Dick Ackerman did participate in the afternoon session casting his vote on 15 of approximately 40 bills with a Roll Call. He cast a Yea vote on: AB 81, AB 1104, AB 1063, AB 1212 and AB 1404 and joined the unanimous vote of governor appointee David Nawi.
If you have questions on the specific bills from the morning session simply reply with your comments.

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