Dennis Prager. "If we don’t Americanize America we might as well close shop"

Last night I attended the second Excellence in Education Annual Dinner entitled “Restoring Integrity.” The Educational Alliance PAC was formed in 1994 to support school board candidates. Their Board of Directors includes chairman Mark Bucher along with Craig Alexander, Rosemarie Avila, John Briscoe, Jim Gibson, Matthew Harper, Karl Heft, Donald Wagner, Paul Webster and Phil YarbroughThis event, held at Caspian Restaurant in Irvine, was attended by 150-200 conservative Republican elected officials and activists. OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh, M.C. for the event, led us in the Orange County “one clap” as he read a long list of elected officials in attendance.

Before dinner we watched a “Full Disclosure Network” video which focused on the recent recall battle with the Trustees and Superintendent of the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD). During his remarks Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor Tony Beal told us that in addition to himself his wife Jennifer and children were all included in the CUSD “enemy’s list. “

Our keynote speaker for the event was talk show host Dennis Prager who really connected with the audience. His presentation focused on six key areas related to “making Americans.” Dennis expressed his concern about multiculturalism. He went on to say that “if we don’t Americanize our child we might as well close shop.” He pointed out something that we already know. “Liberals have taken over our education system.” He later remarked that “we live in an upside down world.”
He opened with some pretty heavy remarks. “From the mid 60’s to the present is the age of stupidity” adding “I am really worried about America.”

His six presentation points were as follows:
1. Our aim should be to make kids Americans (which he said is a Fascist phrase to leftists)

2. We should teach in English. English is a unifying language. He added that bilingual language does not work. English should be the only language of our ballots. We have one language, English. If you don’t know it, don’t vote. He commented that “if I move to Turkey I wouldn’t expect to vote. The language of Turkey is Turkish.

3. Our textbooks should reflect truth. The left doesn’t want it. They admit it. “They want us to feel good.” He joked about receiving a thin book listing great Jews in sports citing Hank Greenberg. I don’t need it from a history book. Note: He forgot to mention Sandy Koufax, one of my Dodger hero’s, who refused to pitch in the 1965 World Series on Yom Kippur (which just happens to be celebrated tomorrow.)

4. Holidays are very important for civilizations yet we have now created Presidents Day where he recall celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday apart from George Washington’s birthday.
Dennis jokingly said they were two wonderful Jewish men. In fact Lincoln’s first name is from the Bible. Abraham. He said by grouping the days together we lose the significance of why we celebrate them. We shouldn’t alter holiday dates just to get a long weekend.

5. We should not get rid of our rituals which keep civilization alive. It is exceedingly important to retain values based on our rituals.

6. His final point. Teach Americanism. A unique doctrine. We have a Trinity, Christian and American, on our coins. This is only found in the U.S.A. They are “In God We Trust, Liberty and e pluribus unum (which translated means “from many one”). We were founded as a Judeo-Christian nation by Judeo centered Christians. In God we trust was NEVER attached to theology. The connection dealt with our values.

We were endowed by our creator, not our Country. Dennis added that Liberty comes from God, not the government. He stated that the left prefers we were like Belgium where they promote equality over liberty. He added some trivia by telling us that the liberty bell has a verse from the Hebrew Bible.

Dennis said that “if we abandon Judeo-Christian values we abandon America.” And in his closing comments stated if we have “No God–No Wisdom.”

One attendee told me that what he took away from the speech was a heavy focus on Patriotism.

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