City of Santa Ana launches another red herring – medicinal pot

The Santa Ana City Council is at it again. In a city rife with gang violence, graffiti, bad roads, not nearly enough parks or libraries, and excessive water rates, we have a City Council and a Mayor whose priorities this year have included:

Good grief! But wait, there’s more. The O.C. Register reported that the Santa Ana City Council is now thinking of “moving toward a permanent ban on medical-marijuana dispensaries.” I guess that sick people dying of cancer are a real threat to our city officials.

Apparently, “In Santa Ana, city planners and attorneys say they’re not willing to sign off on businesses that break federal law, even if state law says it’s OK.”

God forbid that the Council would heed the will of the voters.

What bothers me the most about this is not the issue itself, but rather the fact that the City Council, and the Mayor, continue to focus on red herrings while ignoring the REAL problems in our city. They have had “a temporary ban on marijuana dispensaries in place for nearly two years.” Why not just leave the temporary ban in place?

Why? Because they want us to focus on this measure while ignoring the fact that tomorrow they are going raise our water rates – and they will be MUCH higher than rates elsewhere in the county.

The Santa Ana City Council and especially our Mayor are the laughingstock of Orange County. And they think we are too stupid to notice. Remember this when Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez starts roaring about the dangers of marijuana while openly campaigning for the O.C. Board of Supervisors during tomorrow’s City Council meeting. Then be sure to rip her and the rest of them when it is time to talk about the water rates.

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