Calitics makes it to BNN top 5 in this weeks blog rankings

There was quit a shuffling of the deck this week over at the BNN “California’s Most Influential Political Blogs” rankings this week. Orange Juice moved up to #3, while Red County/OC Blog fell all the way to #4, after being in the top slot last week.

But the big news was Calitics moving up to #2. This is the first time that I can recall a non-O.C. based blog ranking in the top 5.

The O.C. Register’s Orange Punch blog rounded out the top 5, with our friends at the Liberal OC retaking the #1 position.

Other O.C. based blogs that were in the BNN top 20 included the Flash Report, at #6, and Newport Beach Voices, which features our co-bloggers Ron and Anna Winship, at #16.

The BNN top 10 now include only five O.C. based blogs. The O.C. Register’s Total Buzz blog has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth, as has John Seiler’s blog.

The Red County sites for San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego likewise are absent from the BNN Top 20.

Top Orange Juice stories this week

Our current top stories, as per Google Analytics, include:

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