BNN debuts redesigned site and latest blog rankings

UPDATE: Apparently BNN had a few bugs in their rankings, so I have rewritten this post to reflect their actual rankings for this week.

If you haven’t been on (BNN) lately, you need to have a look. BNN has totally redesigned their site and it looks fantastic! There are a few bugs, but that is to be expected with such a massive redesign.

While we are on the subject of BNN, their latest “California’s Most Influential Political Blog” rankings are out tonight. Orange Juice is #4 – ahead once more of our OC GOP machine counterparts at the Red County/OC Blog, which is at #5, while our friends at the Liberal OC are #1. Calitics stayed in the top 5, at #2, while Orange Punch came in at #3. There are a total of seven OC based blogs in the top 20.

Our top stories this week, according to Google Analytics, included:

  1. The nerve of some people (185 page views)
  2. SunCal displacing hundreds of poor families in Santa Ana (184 page views)
  3. Food fight breaks out at Orange Street Fair! (170 page views)
  4. Santa Ana City Council raises water rates (138 page views)
  5. City of Santa Ana launches another red herring – medicinal pot (138 page views)
  6. Supervisor Nguyen explains how Santa Ana could have more libraries (117 page views)
  7. MacArthur teachers protest (113 page views)
  8. Can you think of any others? (97 page views)
  9. Tran cabal hurting Garden Grove businesses on Main St. (80 page views)
  10. Ideas for Santa Ana: the new Zoo (74 page views)

Thanks as always to our loyal readers and our co-bloggers for helping us make the BNN Top 5 again!

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