Bloggers Wanted!

Whew! What a week it has been. Our readership numbers have been terrific. We have broken some news and unearthed a few skeletons from a few closets. On the down side, Claudio Gallegos announced he is leaving soon, and on the upside the OC Weekly named us the “Best Local Blog” in Orange County.

And I have come to realize that we need more help. So I am putting out the call to the few, the brave, the well-spoken. We need more bloggers! This is not a job for just anyone. Our blog is hated by some, and beloved by many, but when you write for us you have to know that you will be opening yourself to all kinds of attacks, and perhaps an occasional tip of the hat.

I prize our diversity, so I am particularly interested in the following:

  • Women bloggers. For whatever reason, men dominate the blogosphere. That’s not good! We would love to add women to our blog team. Hopefully there are a few outspoken ladies who will answer the call.
  • Minority bloggers. We are losing Claudio, so of course I would love to add another Latino blogger, but I would also like to add a Vietnamese blogger. Even if they are part of the Tran cabal.
  • GLBT bloggers. There are so many times when a member of the GLBT community would be priceless on this blog, particularly when politicians start pontificating about gay marriage.
  • Artistes. Sean Mill and I have had our say lately about the Santa Ana Artists Village. But to be fair I think it would be great to hear from the other side. I would love to add an artist or an art aficionado to our blog team.
  • Red-blooded, gun-toting Minutemen. I enjoy poking at the Minutemen, but adding one to our team would really stir things up. I am definitely open to the idea.
  • And anyone else I might have missed!

Also, we just secured a business license, and will now be selling ads. The revenue will be split between our writers based on the number of posts they write, and the number of comments the posts elicit. And we will share some of the revenue with our webmaster.

Interested? Email me or call (714) 606-7622. This blog is all about making a difference in Orange County, and shedding light on what our politicians are up to. If you think you can add to our mix, please let me know.

We do have a few rules. No anonymous bloggers on our team. No bad words (except for a few maldiciones in Espa

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