Beer and OJ

This is what they call a busy news day. There is so
much to report that every channel has to cover OJ…
rather than the other more important news. You see,
if you read the Financial Times…you will know that
most of the people in the British Isles are yanking
their money out of what may be the biggest Banking
meltdown in history. But hey, that news is just plain
boring. Who cares? Unless you have over $100,000 bucks
in a bank…why would you even worry? Well, evidently
in England they don’t offer such assurances.

OK, so Israel is going to war with Syria and are going
to launch another Yom Kipper war on the Gaza Strip! Is
that really news? Who cares about that? Every Democrat
in America will tell you…that it is all Israel’s fault
for the Middle East crisis…anyway. Hey, the Mossad
is everywhere! If not, those guys from Blackwater must
be really mucking up our Peace efforts in Iraq!

But come on, what about people that are losing their homes
133% more than last year? These just aren’t the people
that took out those 80-20 loans either. These are people
who are caught in the crossfire of falling Real Estate
values…as much as 50% in some cases. They are all looking
at several years in the sales cycle and they are sitting
there without adequate “cash flow”….even for traditional
30 year loans.

Hey, but there is a bright side….how about the Fed dumping
the Prime Interest rate half a point to 4.75%? Well, that
would be nice…but they are having a tough time printing
the money that fast…to allow people with lower than an
840 FICO score to borrow anymore money….unless they really
don’t need it. Greenspan, is blaming it on Bush…now that’s
a good one..considering his favorite person on the planet is
none other than Bill Clinton!

OK, those Champagne Dreams are soon falling on a Beer Budget
….but things can’t be that bad. Just because the illegals
are fleeing like the Titanic just hit an Iceberg…….maybe
we can catch up with our politicians now to tell them to fix
our roads and not to steal our dedicated Highway money for
their own Pensions, Health Insurance or Salary increases!
Maybe we could even look into the Digital Electronic Voting
Machines….without making a copy – you can take home!

You know, the real story is all about OJ….he got back to
Florida, his kids are now nearly middle age – both in college
you know? He just went with those guys to party with old
friends. You always have two guys with firearms go with you
…when you go to visit old pals. Hey, his Lawyers have
already made nice, nice with the “Efficient District Attorney”
in Vegas! $125K is hardly anything for bail…but when you have
friends..things happen! We don’t have to worry…it will take
several months and OJ will slip through the cracks again. Hey,
this guy ran for over 2000 yards in the NFL….in one season.
Do you think this little set back is going to stop the Juice?
When he was with Coach John Robinson at USC….did we beat the
Irish…well OJ sure learned one thing: Make sure you have
big guys blocking for you – up front! He has that down pretty
good! Fight ON! Remember it was OJ that said when asked why
he was wearing in Sun Glasses on TV: “The sun never set on the

So, as you can see…the news of the day is hardly very important
at all. Britany is round, pudgy dumpy, but cute, can’t sing,
but is cute! Kevin Federline …known as FED EX…wants to take
the kids! Christina is pregnant…but we all love her! Lindsay
is staying drunk but out of the public eye for the last two weeks
– good going Lindsay! George and Nick Clooney….oh, forget about
it! Let’s just have another German Beer and talk about OJ!

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