Arnold is right – the CA GOP is dying

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had enough of the California GOP – and I can’t blame him. “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a scathing indictment Friday of his own California Republican Party during an address at its annual fall convention in Indian Wells, suggesting that the state GOP has a defeatist mentality and calling on the party to pursue independent voters in order to regain power,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

“In movie terms, we are dying at the box office,” Schwarzenegger declared, according to prepared text of his remarks. “We are not filling the seats.”

Schwarzenegger also “ticked off statistics showing the “astonishing” decline in Republican registration throughout California. He rebuked Republican leaders for blocking independents from voting in next year’s GOP primaries while Democrats allow those voters to cast ballots in their contests.”

I have written about this before, but allow me to reiterate – it is completely insane for the CA GOP leadership to deny the vote to independent voters in the presidential primary. We won’t have a choice but to vote for a Democratic candidate. Why should we come back to the GOP in the general? The Democrats will end up dominating California’s electoral votes again.

This week, Schwarzenegger also “signed a letter to fellow party members that called on them to do away with their lengthy platform, a multipage document that expresses opposition to “government mandated health plans,” abortion, gay marriage and waiting periods for the purchase of firearms,” according to the L.A. Times.

I could not agree more with our Governor. The CA GOP has brought nothing but ruin upon itself by focusing on ridiculous issues that don’t matter to most Californians. And by continuing to attack immigrants.

Schwarzenegger suggested that the “platform be replaced with a “concise” statement that stresses “core values” of the party, such as lower taxes, limited government and individual freedom.” Amen!

According to Mike Spence, a conservative GOP activist, “The party is struggling because our leadership has separated from the values and principles of the Republican Party.” No Mike, that is quite wrong.

The California Republican Party is dying because of a lack of diversity, both cultural and ideological. It just doesn’t fit today’s California. Like the ancient Mammoths, the CA GOP is stumbling towards extinction, while the party leaders cling to notions that are out of touch with California’s emerging electorate.

Leave it to Bob Mulholland, a consultant to state Democrats, to write the CA GOP’s epitaph, “The only bright spot they [Republicans] can claim is Arnold — who they don’t even like,” he said.

Schwarzenegger ought to dump these troglodytes and file as either an independent or a Democrat. There is no red future in California. At this rate even Orange County will one day succumb to the blue.

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