When Politicians need a good dressing down!

Yanking the epaulets off the uniform began in earnest with
the French in World War I. They screwed the pooch so often
that those doing the “good dressing down” started to get
blisters and callouses from pulling off the accouterments!

Scooter Libby was the “Indispensable Man” in the Bush
Administration, and being that he was Vice-President Cheney’s
main man….the thought was…”take him out and Cheney will
fall apart! Well, it was inconvenient, it was a mess, it
was not the prettiest thing you ever saw….but Scooter got
nailed “big time”! The not so loyal opposition wrung their
hands in joy…thinking: “aha…we got that son-of-a-buck
Cheney now!” Well, not much has happened other than the Bush
Administration making sure that Scooter Libby was not going
to serve any hard time and by the end of term….might even
have his record royally expunged!

Then came Karl Rove…the most evil Emperor of the Bush
Administration. The brains of the whole operation the Dems
would have you believe! The opposition hoped upon hope they
could knock Rove right out of the box! They figured, if we
can dust Karl Rove…we will have the Bush Administration lay
prostrate! If their great icon.. “Master Wu” Rove was gone
or caught…the Bush Administration would lay waste. So, when
last week Karl Rove turned in his keys to the Lincoln Bedroom
and the Oval Office….the shock by the Democrat leadership
reminded you of the Captain of the Titanic….when his first
officer told him that they had hit an iceberg! Karl Rove,
almost in tears…President Bush touched but not broken did
offer hugs and a fond farewell to a loyal and devoted soldier
of the Administration.

Then there was the case of Karen Hughes….the indispensable
support element for President Bush. He couldn’t even go the
bathroom without first checking with Karen Hughes..could he?
Then she simply retired just before the last off year election
cycle. The Democrats knew they had Bush on the run….and sure
enough…the Democrats creamed scandal ridden Republicans
without a doubt! It was so bad in fact that shortly after the
election Karen Hughes is doing independent consulting for the
Bush Administration. So, there is a mild possibility that without
Karen….George W. may be less than!

Then the case of the Attorney General…Alberto Gonzales..the
80th AG of these United States. Who knows what number Janet
Reno was..but we still have a problem with WACO and Elian
Gonzales – no relation we believe to Alberto! So, what is the
Democrats major malfunction with AG – AG….How about that for
a coincidence too? How many cases of torture and misconstrued
legal opinion is “the Alberto” supposed to be responsible for?
“All of it!” At least that is what Senator Reid, Lahey and
Schumer would tell you! Nasty Nancy Pelosi too! Oh we know
how intelligent Nancy is….she didn’t get the job as Majority
Leader just because she was a girl…believe us! Anyway, we
are hoping that Alberto will hang in there…just to bug Biden
and Obama through the California Primary!

Then we have the case of Grover Nordquist, Richard Viguerie
and the beloved Pat Robertson! Now this group has been blamed
for everything except the birth of Adolph Hitler. We refuse to
address those that blame them for Prop. 187, Roe v. Wade or the
Dred Scott decision! By all rights, we might have mentioned the
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a negative sense..but that
would be not only misrepresenting the issue but changing the

Finally, “The End Times of the Bush Administration” cannot be
mentioned without the name of one of the key players in all of
it – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld! Oh, how the Dems
blamed the end of civilization on this great man. Rumsfeld was
the worst kind of insider…he knew the limits and abilities of
everyone in Government. What was amazing was his faculty to
listen to different ideas! They Dems had him slated for the
big 666 tattoo…but again, the Bush Administration preempted
their every move! Rumsfeld escaped and served his country and
his President in the noblest of fashion.

We cannot say good-by quite yet to the great people that have
served this Administration without mentioning Tony Snow. Snow
of late has been skewered as a typical “hack for Administration”
and rightly so. We worry about his hair color…we worry about
his pale skin…we worry because he such a nice guy! Good luck
Tony our prayers are with you…wherever and whatever you do!

Oh sure, we could talk about CIA Directors, FBI Directors and
the guys that dump the trash in the White House cafeteria! But
we won’t! We will only say that with approval rating of 24% or
maybe less….we could care less…We love you Laura and George!
You have served well…through great adversity. You have made
great decisions and the real people will always love you, no
matter what Mad Hatter Democrats tries to dance a gig on your
front lawn! Hey, one in four….not bad…..we got less votes
than that for the Water Board! Can’t wait for 2008! Rudy…
you gotta love him!

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