The truth about "King" Miguel Pulido

I think I understand Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido a little better now. I spoke to a few pajaritos last night who told me that apparently one of Pulido’s driving goals for many years now has been to be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.

The problem is that the last two Democratic presidential candidates lost, leaving Pulido high and dry. To make things worse, while he has accrued a small fortune, it is not enough. You have to be seriously rich to get a plum appointment, such as the one he is seeking.

So Pulido has sought desperately to hook up with politicians throughout Latin America, in order to get them to change laws so he can make a killing selling catalytic converters. This would explain the famous picture of Pulido with Bolivian ex-coca farmer and now President, Evo Morales.

This also explains why Pulido has continued to cling to power in Santa Ana. He needs the position of Mayor in order to have a title which will open doors for him in Latin America. He will do anything to stay in office.

Pulido has been in local office now for 21 years. The new term limit measure that his City Council cronies, Vince Sarmiento, Sal Tinajero, and Clownia Alvarez cooked up will assure him another four terms of four years each. If it passes.

If Pulido somehow stays in office another 16 years, he will have been Mayor longer than the Mexican dictator Porfirio Diaz was in power.

Of course if he can get his Latin American business going, and if a Democrat wins the U.S. presidency, then he can finally leave Santa Ana. Likely never to be seen again.

This also explains why he quickly endorsed the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. This might be Pulido’s last shot to get in tight with a Democratic candidate who might win. Now we know why he overlooked New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, the likable Latino candidate who has promised not to raise taxes and who has in fact cut taxes in his state. Richardson is lagging the rest of the candidates, so he was NEVER on Pulido’s thoughts.

So there you have it. King Pulido took office many years ago in an attempt to fight City Hall to save his father’s muffler shop. But somehow in the process he decided he was THE MAN and he sold his soul for higher aspirations. There is no redeeming Pulido. Indeed, the idealistic young man who at one point seemed to be such a beacon of hope in Santa Ana is now no different than the people he once fought. In fact, he might be the worst thing that ever happened to Santa Ana.

And if he fails in his Latin American enterprise, and fails to become an Ambassador, his only legacy will be a ruined city. A city with awful streets, a terrible bureaucracy, not enough parks or libraries, and really high water rates. A downtown Orange County that no one wants to go to. And a school district destroyed by his puppets, Rob Richardson, Rosie Avila and Audrey Noji.

Pulido let his people down in his rush to be more important than any of them. Really, it is a tragedy. I am not happy that Pulido turned out this way. I am sad for what he could have been, and sad for what was done to Santa Ana and its people. And there is no undoing any of it.

All we can do is vote no against the term limits measure and try to take out Pulido next year. And while we are at it we have to take out Sarmiento and beat Pulido’s puppet in Ward 5. None of this will be easy. We are up against maniacal ambitions gone deeply wrong.

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