The Republican Rebates!

For those that missed the George Steph-in-apolis..hosted Republican
Presidential debate from Philly with ABC Television News….a few
comments might be in order. First off, Rudy looked terrific. He
and Mitt put on quite a show….and this looks more and more like
the team they are contemplating for 2008. Little George boy totally
disregarded any of the other candidates….and with his big moon eyes
lolly-gaged over Rudy and Mitt.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to know what the front runners
think about things and we can hardly beat up on Georgy for his pointed
interest. The funny part is that when you get out into the hinterland
and ask around…..everyone wants to know why Ron Paul has so much
money in his bank account….number three in total fund raising. Well,
when you have just your wife as your Campaign Staff…it does cut down
on expenses. What do you think Ron Paul is going to do with all that
money, if he gets matching funds. He probably will get so embarrassed
he will give it to Sam Brownback! Maybe not!

The debate seemed like another retro experience….is it “Deja Vu” all
over again? Not quite as bad as the Democratic Debates….those are
really depressing. The Republican Debates are more humorous than
depressing…thank goodness. Congressman Duncan Hunter was a pilar
of American patriotism and John McCain was the unapologetic stalwart
of protecting America from the evil terrorists that occupy every nook
and cranny of Washington D.C. Rudy stayed logical and the consummate
“unelitist”..which is very attractive. He seems to be pushing his
“man of people” credentials…and people seem to be buying. Mitt is
targeting “just doing the right thing”…whatever that means. All
in all Mitt is conciliatory, kind and professional….and you can
hardly fault anyone for those personality aspects.

In an amazing coincidence, last night’s 60 Minutes actually had a
positive story about Iraq. Switched channels right after the debate
and what a joy! Haven’t seen anything this good from 60 Minutes
in about three years. It told the story of the Kurdistan north in
Iraq. They are busy building shopping malls, homes and businesses
faster than a speeding bullet. The Kurds have had one suicide bombing
in the last two years. You can walk the streets of Irbil in safety.
The Kurds love Americans! The Kurds just had the first Commercial
Airliner land recently in Irbil. The Kurds have their own Flag..
sort of an unofficial flag…like the old California Bear Republic
Flag. Additionally, they are having an Initiative vote for the city
of see if they want to be part of Kurdistan too. The
Kurds are so nice, they are intelligent, they even have McDonalds
and American businesses in Kurdland! What is wrong with this picture?
They laugh, they are kind, they are grateful, they are wonderful and
we wish them every good thing that life has to offer…these beautiful
people the Kurds! Thanks 60 Minutes…..we didn’t know….but we are
so pleased that you told us about them! There are 60 US forces in
Kurdistan. The Kurds have a standing Army of 170,000 Pershmerga that
are ready to defend their borders with Turkey, Iran and Syria!

Meanwhile, at least 100 Presidential Debates to go! When are all the
losers going to start dropping out? Too boring! Why aren’t these
candidates being asked about Barry Bonds, Michael Vick, Tom Donaghy,
Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Lance Armstrong or what
their wives or husband (in the case of Hillary) think about them?
You know..important stuff “that will enter, alter and illuminate our
lives – when you are there!” So far, Brit Hume and Wendal Golar has
done the best job on these ridiculous so-called debates! How about
just reading the Daily KOS, listening to Howard Stern and watching
Jerry Springer? No, watching Orange County politics is probably
more entertaining! Like..”Moorlach vs Corona…in the Steel Cage!”

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