Santa Ana moves to stop delivery of handbills to unsuspecting residents

Here we go again. The City of Santa Ana’s agenda is online – and it includes this ridiculous item, “50.A: Prohibiting drop off of unsolicited handbills at home.” As usual I need to explain what they really mean. To do this I interviewed an anonymous resident of the Floral Park neighborhood, where Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido lives. I asked her about this measure and here is what she had to say:

“You know, I think what this is really all about is that while we all LIKE the little brown people, we don’t like to see them wandering around in our neighborhood. And all those fliers they drop off are just gross – I mean who eats fast food pizza? It would be one thing if the fliers were for Trader Joe’s or Mother’s Market, or for the California Pizza Kitchen. But really – most of these fliers are for such low class places. It just makes me sick! Plus I don’t like the look of those Mexicans who deliver the fliers…they’re not like the nice brown people who live here in Floral Park. Our Hispanic neighbors are professionals. They wear ties and they like to come to our wine and cheese events. Plus they NEVER speak in some other language. Like our Mayor, he is so nice! I think he is even married to one of us!”

So there you have it – from the horse’s mouth. This is yet another ordinance designed to keep Latino workers out of what few white neighborhoods are left in our city. And the effect of this ordinance, when combined with the City’s witch hunt against Latinos holding signs, will be huge losses for many of the struggling small businesses in our city – many of them owned by minorities.

I am not the only one hammering Santa Ana city officials for the slew of ridiculous measures that have come our way this year. Gustavo Arellano wrote a very wry column about our nutty City Council in today’s L.A. Times. Here are a few choice excerpts:

Teens killing teens. Corrupt school officials. Graffiti that blooms every night. Streets withering into dust. Not enough parks. Two libraries to serve a city of 400,000. A huge, unassimilated and poor immigrant population. Segregated neighborhoods. Overcrowding. Santa Ana, Calif., has all the problems of a metropolis but little of the compensating urban charm. (Although the overpriced downtown lofts amid the quincea

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