Pulido voted NOT to silence the trains in Santa Ana & the O.C.

Good news today for many residents of Orange County who are unfortunate enough to live next to railroad tracks. The O.C. Register reported that “The Orange County Transportation Authority on Monday gave final approval to a $60 million program to create quiet zones and improve safety measures at 53 railroad crossings.”

This means a lot to folks in my neighborhood, Park Santiago, as we have a railroad track that passes through the eastern border of our area, over by Lincoln Street, running north from the Santa Ana train station.

I have spoken to many residents on this side of the neighborhood, and every last one of them complains about the noise made by trains that pass through during the night and blast their horns – often waking up those who are sleeping.

You would think that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who sits on the OCTA board of directors, would LOVE the fact that the OCTA wants to help pay for the much needed quiet zones. But you would be wrong. As the Register put it, “Miguel A. Pulido, Santa Ana’s mayor, was the lone director to vote against the plan. He wanted OCTA to pay for 100 percent of the improvements, so cities wouldn’t have to dig into their general funds.”

Unbelievable. But it gets worse. It turns out that the OCTA “will pay for 88 percent of the costs, with 12 percent matches from the cities.” What a great deal! But not for Pulido. He will now have less money to waste on his developer friends. Didn’t he recently GIVE AWAY a street to his rich buddy, Mike Harrah? Yes he did.

And how much have Pulido and his corrupt City Manager, Dave Ream, blow on unnecessary street medians and on the Bristol widening project – that so far has only benefited Mater Dei High School?

And they don’t have a measly 12% to help the unfortunate residents who live next to the tracks?

This follows on the heels of Pulido’s disappointing performance during the recent OCTA bus driver’s strike. Pulido, along with Garden Grove’s Mark Rosen, were said to be the most ANTI-UNION members of the OCTA board. They dragged the strike out rather than quickly settle it. Why would they do this when so many of their residents depend on public transit?

If Pulido either will not or cannot make good decisions as a member of the OCTA board, then it is up to his fellow City Councilmembers to toss him off the OCTA board! We simply cannot afford to have him there any longer.

Something else to consider. If Pulido is not willing to pay a lousy 12% to silence our trains, why should we believe that he will find enough funds for his ill-fated Orangeline Maglev train? He says it will be privately funded. To the tune of over $20 BILLION. Does anyone believe him? I sure don’t.

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