Public Policy Institute of CA’s latest report Broadband for All?

The July 2007 Report of the Public Policy Institute of CA entitled “Broadband for All” should be required reading by the Orange County Board of Supervisors as they consider implementing a county wide Wi-Fi technology umbrella.

In Jed Kolko’s report he states that “nearly half of California households have broadband (high-speed) internet access.” He adds that “broadband is more widely available in higher income and higher-density areas..”
The summary says that he reviewed “the policy approaches that California and it’s cities are taking to raise broadband adoption and availability, including local efforts to provide municipal Wi-Fi (wireless broadband).”

While this is a hot high technology issue today, and was mentioned in one of Supervisor Bill Campbell’s newsletters, there are possible alternatives such as “another emerging wireline technology (is) Broadband over Powerline (BPL) which uses the electric power network and home electrical wiring and outlets to carry Internet data. Unlike (fibre-to-the-home)FTTH, BPL speeds are similar to those of DSL and cable (see the website internet.html).”

Wi-Fi ties in DSL or cable without wires in your home, office or local coffee shop. This post deals with that enhancement and not dial up Vs broadband for this discussion.

Is the county aware of this technology and have they engaged in due diligence to learn more of the other industry efforts to capture this new marketplace?

My point is that the county has some homework to do before committing to any provider or technology.
Jed’s report includes “a full list of municipal wireless initiatives in the United States (that) is available at”

The report mentions a proposal by Google to “provide free, ad supported service in San Francisco” for Wi-Fi. Have we considered Google or is the focus on EarthLink?

To see or copy the 24 page PPIC report simply go to:

For Juice readers.

While this topic might be over the heads of our readers, what is your thoughts about the government engaging in possible exclusive Wi-Fi contracts on a countywide basis?

Are there identifiable and justifiable public benefits to you from Wi-Fi?

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