Perata abandons ship, leaving an unfinished state budget

This will be a brief post. Virtually every day we read that the Republican members of the state Senate are blocking approval of the new budget. However, how can the Democratic leadership dismiss the members instead of insisting that they stay in office and work together to hammer out some form of Agreement?

You cannot finalize an acceptable Agreement when you might be on vacation in Hawaii. If the Dem’s in power choose not to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, which surely include approval of the state budget, than turn in your letters of resignation and perhaps others can do what you have failed to accomplish.

Following is part of a letter regarding the budget standoff from a lady named Kathy that is worth publishing for all to see:

She writes:

“This needs to be a WAKE UP CALL to all Republican leaders as the current news media is basically blaming the Republicans for the budget stand-off and fiscal crisis many programs are facing. GET THE WORD OUT that the democrats VOTED DOWN emergency spending measures. GET THE WORD OUT that the democrats did not continue the session today. DO SOMETHING as I am really tired of hearing that the budget standoff is” Senator McClintock’s fault.

No one said that negotiations are quick and easy. Regardless of how you feel, there are thousands of people whose lives are impacted by this delay yet the Senate Majority leader allows the members to go home?

Juice readers. What’s your opinion on this budget standoff?

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