On the Street where you live!

“I have often walked down this Street before….but the
pavement always stayed beneath my feet before….all at
once am I several stories high…..I am here on the
Street where you live!” from My Fair Lady with many
apologies to Rex Harrison!

This is quite a story isn’t it? You know, the one about
Pygmalion King Maker John Moorlach and his contrarian (Lizza)
student Chriss Street. Lizza in this case comes in the form
of OC Treasurer, newly elected and endorsement by Moorlach..
and now “He is dug in like a Louisiana tick!”…in the words
of Jesse Ventura….in Predator! Let’s hope it is not going
to take a small Army to rid the County of another embarrassment
in the County Treasurer’s office. But it is certainly lining
up that way! At Street’s Media Meet-up yesterday (we were not
invited by the way)…Street stood his ground, answered few
questions and basically said: “Try if you dare to get rid of
me! So, I spent a million bucks on office upgrades – looks
great doesn’t it? Hey, all those attacks are all unfounded
and we will show them up big time in court! I don’t care what
Moorlach or anyone else thinks….I got elected!” Now in all
honesty…we must say we are paraphrasing big time….but the
message was pretty strong.

OK, after Supervisor Moorlach chatted with Street last week
and asked him to step down, Street challenged all comers and
simply said: “If I resign, I will be in a weaker position when
I go to trial on my other deal!” So, Moorlach made the threat
that at the September 11th meeting of the OC Board of Supervisors
that they would strip Street of all of his County Investment
responsibilities. Where upon Street simply said…”That will give
me more time to handle my legal problems!” Don’t you just love
elected politicians that have no qualms about taking their
paychecks without having to do anything for it? Street could
soon be the poster boy for California politics. Can’t wait to
watch his next meeting with all the other County CA Treasurers.

Let’s get real here! What about honor, duty, responsibility and
doing the right thing? Aw…we must be too naive! This so reminds
us of the Michael Vick deal. Hey, the Legal System will clear both
of them….ya really think so? They both have been dirtied up and
they both think that a quick “I’m sorry!” is going to clear the
books! The reality here is: that even if Chriss Street has done
absolutely nothing illegal, nothing improper, nothing that might
be construed as unturned – he has lost in the court of Public
Opinion already! Let’s see, where is Brett Barberie? You know,
John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff at the Treasurer’s office? Has
anyone seen him or asked him anything regarding these issues?

Things look bad…even if their is nothing wrong! Michael Vick
got turned over because he was ratted out by close associates.
What may happen in this case…..could be similar. Let’s hope
not…let’s be optimistic….let’s all beg Chriss to turn in his
keys to the Executive Washroom at County before it’s too late.
We voted for Chriss Street in 2006 too! Hey, then it was an
overwhelming two to one mandate for Street…..but without any
support now from the Board of Supervisors, we doubt his numbers
will be anything close – “the next time”!

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