O.C. Sheriff Carona revels in hypocrisy while OC GOP machine covers up for him

The hypocrisy is running thick as syrup over at O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona’s office. Matt Cunningham, the editor at Red County/OC Blog, posted the comments of some guy named Ryan (not El Trabuco) who writes for Carona’s blog, where he attacked Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut. Ryan was sore because Greenhut had previously ripped his union boss, AOCDS President Wayne Quint.

Ryan wrote that “Greenhut, had the opportunity yesterday to stand up and express his opinion to the Board and the public, but he chose instead to save it for the safe confines of his office.”

Give me a break! Carona and his goons don’t even let the public make comments on their blog posts! Talk about a bunch of sissies. They like to hurl attacks at their critics but they can’t take the heat themselves. What a bunch of babies!

Meanwhile, Cunningham (pictured at right) is such a shill for Carona that he posted this today, ” FPPC: “Insufficient Evidence” Of Campaign Violations By Carona In 2000. But over at the Register’s Total Buzz, the truth about this was an entirely different story, “Carona agrees to pay fine.” It turns out, despite Cunningham’s spinning for Carona, that the Sheriff “has agreed to pay a $15,000 fine for finance-reporting violations involving more than $100,000 paid to him by his campaign.”

Wow! Talk about reporting a story two different ways. I have no idea why Cunningham refuses to acknowledge what a bum Carona is. Take a look at the picture above, from the O.C. Weekly, which tells us that Carona is “sandwiched between Freddie Glusman and Gary Primm, as featured in an OC Weekly photo exclusive. Glusman is an alleged mob associate, while Primm owns a Nevada casino. Both are Carona campaign contributors, and the Sheriff awarded badges and guns to both as part of his Reserve Deputy program.”

In fact Cunningham never reported that Carona was recently thrown out of a major law enforcement association because of his connection to mobsters. He told me he was too busy to do so. Good grief! He is never too busy to rip O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen!

On that subject, I should note that Cunningham has accused me of being a shill for Supervisor Nguyen – even though no less than three of my co-bloggers here at the Orange Juice! have taken whacks at her in recent weeks. In fact, Cunningham screwed up the link to our site, on his blog, so that it sends his readers to Supervisor Nguyen’s campaign site instead of our blog. Pathetic. The move has backfired as our numbers have gone way up since Cunningham did this. And the numbers at the Liberal OC blog have skyrocketed as readers have gone there to find us. They even ascended to the number one ranking for political blogs in California this week.

God only knows how many readers Cunningham lost to Liberal OC over his ridiculous, childish campaign against our blog. Well, we have not responded in kind. You can still link to Red County/OC Blog here at the Orange Juice! We will never mess with our links. We respect our readers and understand that links are provided as a service to the blog community. Messing with them is a low blow. Shame on Cunningham for doing this to our link, and shame on him for ignoring the criminal acts of our Sheriff. No wonder so many local voters are going DTS. I couldn’t stand being in the same party as Carona and Cunningham either.

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