O.C. GOP machine owes us an apology

It has been quite a year for the O.C. GOP machine. They are still not sure what happened to their wonder boy, Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante, in the 1st District Supervisorial race. Not only did he get blown away, but their other horse in the race, Trung Nguyen, also lost as Janet Nguyen crossed the finish line a nose ahead of him.

The machine did get their boy Mike Carona reelected to the Sheriff’s office – and that blew up in their face when he was tossed out of a law enforcement association because of his mobster pals. Carona also recently had to pay a large fine for his campaign finance violations. And now he is looking like a choir boy compared to O.C. Treasurer Chriss Street, who is immolating before our very eyes while undergoing a federal investigation.

But that’s not all! Congressman Gary Miller has been a disaster as well and has also been the target of an investigation. You can read more about him at this link.

And the Republicans were the ones who handed a school board seat to the mentally unhinged Steve Rocco over in Orange Unified School District. Red County/OC Blog editor Matt Cunningham even said he would vote for him again! Good grief!

Speaking of local schools, Republican Rob Richardson is presiding over a Titanic like disaster over at the Santa Ana Unified School District, as millions of dollars have been lost in the throes of massive class size reduction fraud. His fellow Republican, Rosie Avila, has been no help at all as she focuses on social issues while students fail to graduate.

Even OC GOP favorite Dianne Harkey is now facing a recall because she allegedly “cursed at residents during council meetings, ignored a state ruling on her conflicts of interest, told people to “grease palms” in order to get construction variances, ignored her community to run for higher office only months after being elected and much more.” Nice.

When are the OC GOP machine capos going to apologize for what they have done to the people of Orange County?

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