OC Blogs lose grip on BNN top 5

The new BNN “California’s Most Influential Political Blogs” rankings are out – and the big news is that the OC-based blogs have lost their grip on the top five.

The Orange Juice
is still there, in the fifth slot. Red County/OC Blog has recaptured the top slot, and Liberal OC vaulted back to number two. But Flash Report and Orange Punch are no longer in the top five. And Total Buzz isn’t even in the top 20 this week.

The newcomers to the top 5 are the Fresno Bee Opinion Talk blog and the California Progress Report.

There are however a couple more OC based blogs in the top 20. John Seiler’s Blog is #16 and Newport Beach Voices is right behind Seiler at #17.

You won’t however find the other Red County sites from San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego in the BNN rankings. I guess those counties are not as red as Orange County is. When are they coming out with Red County Fresno and/or Bakersfield? There have to be a few more red counties out there in this big, blue state! But apparently none of them are anywhere near as popular as the former OC Blog.

Here are the top Orange Juice stories this week, using data collected by Google Analytics:

  1. The top story I have ever written is still on top – this is the one about what happened after former SAUSD Superintendent Al Mijares resigned. So far, since we started tracking our numbers with Google back in June of this year, this story has an amazing 2,853 page views – and an even more amazing 2,557 UNIQUE page views. Incredible.
  2. We struck gold with the next story – Metzler goes home empty handed but not before having staff run his errands. This one already has 438 page views!
  3. Santa Ana moves to stop delivery of handbills to unsuspecting residents. The ordinance died, but the story has 324 page views.
  4. The Mimi and Harry watch is over, but “What do Mimi and Harry think of Harald Martin?” ended up with 302 page views.
  5. The “Problem with Santa Ana” took the NICE committee to task, and it now has 256 page views.
  6. I was not happy when it happened, but “Pulido’s puppets vote for $24 billion train for the rich” now has 255 page views.
  7. Another story that won’t die! “Crazy Claudia strikes again” has 239 page views.
  8. It has not been a good year for Santa Ana residents. “Santa Ana goes after immigrants holding signs on sidewalks” has 236 page views.
  9. Our readers love to read about corruption at the SAUSD! “SAUSD Corruption explodes again!” now has 236 page views.
  10. And yet another story about the inept Santa Ana City Council. “Santa Ana focuses on signs while city crumbles in disrepair” now has 229 page views.

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