Moorlach has had enough of Chriss Street

The dam apparently broke late yesterday for Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street. O.C. Supervisor John Moorlach, who was once Street’s greatest champion, has now called on Street to resign. And Moorlach is seeking to immediately “revoke Street’s authority to invest the county’s $7 billion portfolio,” according to the O.C. Register.

Apparently the last straw for Moorlach was that “Street may have used a falsified document to cover up an improper award process on a contract to a private company.”

“Moorlach said he met with Street on Wednesday, asking him as a friend to step down but that Street refused.”

The brouhaha stems from “a proposed contract with an architectural company.” “Street proposed an $18,000 deal with Ware Malcomb, based in Irvine, for a design study of the outside of the Hall of Finance and Records, where Street’s office is.” But he rigged the process by backdating a memo so that his pick for the contract would win.

“Moorlach and Street have shared a professional friendship since the county’s bankruptcy in 1994. Moorlach hired Street as his second in command in 2006. Street was elected in June and took office in January 2007.

The board can strip Street of his powers because of a state law enacted after the county’s bankruptcy. If Street refuses to resign, Moorlach and Supervisor Chris Norby will make a motion at the Sept. 11 meeting to revoke his authority to invest, Moorlach said. Street would keep some banking privileges, tax-collecting services and his salary.”

You can read more about this at the Liberal OC and at Red County/OC Blog. As one would expect, the Red County/OC Blog editor, Matt Cunningham, has been busy deleting comments. Many commenters at his blog have been ripping Moorlach, and Cunningham can’t stand it.

Personally I am pleased that Moorlach has done the right thing and tossed Street to the street, as Liberal OC put it. That took guts. But Moorlach stuck by this guy way too long and if people want to line up and take their licks now, he just needs to take them and move on.

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