Mike Pleads Guilty…it’s so Cultural

Why in the world would we keep bringing up this Michael
Vick story…on a local Orange County blog? They used
to say…transferable skills! You know, IF you can launch
a man to the moon…it may be possible to have Stem Cell
research (Fetal and Adult) and save thousands of lives!

Let’s just put it this way; Football is America’s game..
they even had to bring David Beckham from Madrid and
Manchester United just to inform Americans that “Futbol”
was actually a European invention…which of course we
know it is not. American Football is for studly, manly,
dudely, dedicated, testosterone ingesting, animals that
causes knee injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries,
concussions, brain damage and sometimes even being
paralyzed or requires limbs to be removed because of
those injuries. American Football begins right here
at the Elementary School level…in the form of Tag or
Flag Football. Tiny Tots that “are dedicated” get to
join leagues and get to wear Uniforms and pads at the
earliest age of 7. Parents encourage their kids to play
in youth leagues during the summer and get on the various
Junior High and High School teams…all in the chance they
can win a big local championship and maybe get Scholarship
to a big time college. There is a lot of money for even
high schools that field powerful Football Teams. Ask the
likes of Mission Viejo High School or St. Bonaventure or
Matre Dei! Welcome to American culture 101!

Once the kids make it past all the injuries of early play
they get to go to the big time colleges where to play against
USC or Notre Dame or Ohio State….could mean life threatening
experiences for them and their friends or acquaintances. You
see there was this story about USC kicker Mario Danello….a
terrific kid and wonderful kicker. Under clouds of doubt Mario
(literally) fell or was pushed off a cliff and died. Now this
is just a kicker story….what about Linebackers, Quarterbacks,
Defensive Backs, Punt Returners and Running Backs..just to name
the obvious targets of Organized Crime, Super Fan payoffs and
College corruption?

Now, let’s get this straight…we are making no excuses for
any wrong doing of anyone! The only thing we haven’t heard
about Michael Vick…is that he had the dogs all skinned
…the hides sent to Canada for processing and the fur sent
to China to manufacture kids toys! Vick should never play
professional football again…ever! The prime reason we believe
…is that it has tainted the entire sport of American Football.
Now, those NFL players that are guilty of Spousal Abuse, Drugs,
Murder, Rape, Child Molesters, Physical Attacks on Civilians
and/or Robbery need to be weeded out as well. Everyone can
thank Michael Vick for making us all aware! Ask the rapper
DMC what he thinks of Michael Vick! Dog Fighting is “persona
non grata” conduct for public figures or anyone in the sports

The cattle prods, the hangings, the cruel and inhuman treatment
of animals or children should know no limits for the prosecution
of those that might claim it as a “Cultural outlet!” Additionally,
there is no ready fix available. IF, Vick gave two million dollars
to PETA….IF he made free Humane Society PSA’s for the rest of
his life..nobody is going to believe this guy. His “friends and
dog fighting buddies” all ratted this guy out big time! His hand
was in the play and so was his wallet. IF he had never been caught,
it is doubtful the stories about American Football would ever have
come out. Maybe there is an upside to all this: maybe we can send
Vick to Guantanemo to interview out of work Taliban soliders during
the next two years. In all actualities, Vick has done us all a
favor by letting us know how brutal, uncaring and cruel it can
still be..when too much money, power and self-serving attitudes
occupy our world.

So, Michael Vick makes his formal plea tomorrow. We must say
that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell knows what is right in this
instance and has done it. Excoriating Vick, suspending him
unconditionally without pay and making his statements public
…..is refreshing to say the least. But the heat is on and
Falcons owner Arthur Blank has additionally done the right
thing in this matter. Congratulations gentlemen..it needed
doing in a big way. Hey we may never really know the truth
about what happened to Mario Danello.. but we know what Michael
did and has done – whatever it was..it was not Cultural, Ethnic
or American Football etiquette…unless we all suddenly adopt
“Honor Killings” for teenagers misusing their cell phones!
Congratulations NFL, congratulations to PETA and the Humane
Society! Never forget…this time or ever! You are all great
Americans! For those of you below the radar screen that will
continue Dog Fighting in spite of what happens to Michael Vick
..we can only say – Please stop!

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