Lupe says "leave my Minutemen alone"

The O.C. Register ran a letter from Minuteman Lupe Moreno, who is Santa Ana Mayor Miguel’s Pulido’s commissioner on the Santa Ana Library Board:

Letters: Wrongly taking Minuteman Project members to task
Letters to the editor for August 23

I don’t usually read Frank Mickadeit’s column [“Minutemen sick, slay and never boring,” Aug. 21]. What I have caught and read sounds like a gossip column instead of real journalism, but the word “Minuteman” caught my eye. He does not hide his distaste for Minuteman Project members. But he seems to love sleaze, making fun of people’s misfortunes and the “L” word.

I am proud to be one of the original members who felt I must go to the border with other law-abiding volunteers when our government didn’t do one of its basic jobs: securing our border. Most of us are grandparents who have seen a breakdown of the fundamental right to feel secure in our homes and communities.

We have witnessed larger groups of people breaking and flaunting our laws. I come from a generation that was taught respect of law, and I was brought up very Catholic, so the way Mickadeit feels about the law really surprises me, since he claims to be a Catholic. He, like the churches that are providing sanctuary to illegal aliens, seems to rationalize sin to fit their way of thinking.

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