LAUSD Superintendent stresses accountability – what about SAUSD?

What a contrast. The L.A. Times published an article about LAUSD Superintendent David L. Brewers’ speech to district administrators. He really let them have it. The contrast to how SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo handles things is stunning. Here are a few excerpts:

  • Brewer told principals and managers Friday that they must change both themselves and a pervasive culture of “low expectations for brown and black children,” adding that they would receive mandatory leadership training and support but also would be held accountable for student achievement.
  • “What I have found in this district: We don’t have any accountability,” he said. At that moment, a single word was projected onto screens on both sides of the massive hall: accountability.
  • When Brewer said “failure will no longer be an option,” his words drew barely concealed snickers as well as polite applause. But the applause was long when Brewer finished with: “If you give up, this country as we know it will not exist.”
  • The tone contrasted sharply with a speech last year by retiring Supt. Roy Romer, who lauded the massive school-construction program and test scores that had generally risen faster than in the state at large, especially at elementary schools. “It was different from past years when the focus was on all the good things and the progress we were making,” said Daniel Bagby, an administrative specialist. “This did start to create a sense of urgency. The message today was that we’re not doing so hot.”

Simply astounding. I don’t think we will EVER hear Russo hold people accountable. She was hired even though she is not qualified for the job. She was hired by the SAUSD board not to fix problems but to hide them. Already this year the district has lost several million dollars due to class size reduction that took place under her watch, and that of her predecessor, Al Mijares.

Take a look at this Register article, about new Fullerton Superintendent Mitch Hovey. Here is what he has done since he was hired:

  • He’s been on the road, visiting the district’s summer programs and preparing to welcome the more than 13,000 children who start school Aug. 30 and 31.
  • He plans to have two community forums in September to meet the community.
  • He scheduled a welcome breakfast for the district’s 1,400 employees on Tuesday.

Here are a few more excerpts:

Assessing the state education budget, Hovey decides the district has an obligation to move all children toward proficiency, but resources are needed to complete the job.

“And that’s what’s missing in this budget,” he says. “I’d like to see more class-size reduction and more funds for special-needs children including the gifted and talented. Let’s be accountable to all parents, but give us the resources.”

“To be successful as a superintendent, you have to bring people together. It comes down to relationships and building trusts. This is a service-oriented profession.”

Wow. Hovey sounds like he gets it. I wonder if the SAUSD board interviewed him before hiring Russo?

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