Jerry Brown pursues ecoterrorist agenda

California State Attorney General Jerry Brown is reliving his “Governor Moonbeam” days as he abuses the power of his office by “using his office as state attorney general to sue counties that fail to force incredibly subjective climate-change studies and mitigations on every residential, commercial, industrial and transportation project,” according to the Tracy Press.

And the State Senate Republicans are fighting back by holding up the state budget until the Governor and the Legislature agree to “rein in Attorney General Jerry Brown, who has sued San Bernardino County to conform to environmental regulations that haven’t even been drafted yet. Mr. Brown similarly has threatened other agencies, demanding they conform to last year’s Global Warming Solutions Act, which mandates reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990’s level, ” according to the O.C. Register.

The Register also reported that “the state hasn’t even adopted regulations to enforce the act, leaving agencies and builders in the dark about how to comply. “

We are beginning to suffer the affects of a state legislature that is run by Democrats, many of whom, like Jerry Brown, have an eco-terrorist outlook. For once I have to applaud the Republicans for standing up against this ridiculous unproven science.

I don’t like it when the Republicans make a stand for social issues that take them out of the mainstream, but this time they are on to something. As the Register put it, “It’s unreasonable to sue for noncompliance with unwritten rules.”

The Democrats like to cite studies that show that global warming is a top environmental issue for Californians. So what? It is certainly not a top overall issue. I would submit that most voters would identify other issues as being more important, including traffic congestion; education; our aging infrastructure; energy and water rates; and crime. I bet global warming is not even on most folks’ top 10 list of concerns.

But global warming is number one for whack-jobs like Brown and his left-wing amigos in the legislature. They are totally out of touch with mainstream Californians.

Sure, we need to take steps to improve the environment, but suing counties when they try to foster new development is going to reduce affordable housing and make it harder for the working poor to get into a house in the first place. And scaring refineries is going to backfire and cause gasoline prices to climb ever higher.

Brown was wrong in the 70’s and sure enough he is still wrong now. When he was our Governor he failed to develop enough freeways. Now he is going after all development. He just might take out our state economy in the process.

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