Is anyone responsible for monitoring Hillary’s campaign donors?

Here we go again. Another example of a questionable Asian contributor to a Clinton campaign. Larry. Don’t include Al Gore in this post. OK.
In this case we are speaking of Mr. Norman Hsu another Asian moneyman who just happens to be a fugitive in CA who is wanted for skipping out in a fraud case. While it’s good for Hillary that this man was exposed before he hosted a fundraiser on her behalf, one must still question how the campaign accepted bundled contributions from him in the first place. We need the money so we look the other way, or don’t look at all. As reported “Norman Hsu, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democratic candidates since 2003.” Therefore he surely was a high roller as evidenced by the photo of him with the Senator that can be seen in the Times story. I like this part of the story. “The Wall Street Journal reported that contributors he solicited included members of an extended family in Daly City, Calif., who had given $213,000 to candidates since 2004, even though some of them did not appear to have much money.”
You can read tomorrow’s New York Times report at the following link:

One thing we know for certain. In campaigns, especially at the national level, you can count on these type of stories to surface. The big question is who is responsible for monitoring every donor. In this case, I would fault the upper echelons of the campaign due to the large sums involved. What are your thoughts?

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