Harry & Mimi Watch – Day 5 – Something about Harry?

We are almost through an entire week and I still have not heard from Assemblywoman Mimi Walters or Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu. They are vying for the 33rd State Senate District, and I asked them earlier this week if they would be supporting the campaign to oust racist Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Harald Martin.

My theory is that neither one of these Republican candidates wants to slam Martin because they are both catering to Minuteman votes. And Martin is a poster boy for the Minutemen.

Tonight we’ll take a look at what comes up when you google Harry.

Here is what I found out about Harry on his Anaheim City Website:

As far as education is concerned, these days “a lot of the American dreams for our young kids are not going to be met (because) 20 to 30 percent of the people are graduating from school can’t even read or write, and I want to improve the education system at the state level as to how this is being addressed,” Sidhu said.

Furthermore, those who do graduate and want to go on to college find themselves thwarted by high tuition fees. “How can you have an American dream in sending your kids to college when even the public university takes about $15,000 to $20,000 per year to go to school?” he argued.

“We need to see how we can solve that problem so that more kids can have a college education and get a better job and (so that we can) produce better engineers, doctors and ITs in this country.”

How does Sidhu want to improve the education system? Does he privately agree with Martin’s schemes to send Mexican students back to Mexico? Or to bill Mexico for their education?

There are programs that make our state colleges available to immigrants at the rate the rest of us pay. Does Sidhu support these programs?

Engineers, doctors and IT professionals are nice. But does Sidhu have something against other professions? Why did he call out only those professions that are commonly filled by immigrants from India and Asia?

Is there something about Harry that we need to know? Is he a closet Minuteman?

Too bad we will never know. He is not talking now and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon…

So let’s check out some of the endorsements he notes on his City website:

– Hon. Dana Rohrabacher, US Congressman
– Hon. Bob Hernandez, Anaheim Council Member
– Hon. Van Tran, 68 District Assemblyman
– Hon. John Paul Ledesma, Mission Viejo Council Member
– Hon. Hoagy Holguin, Anaheim Union High School Trustee

We know that Rohrabacher is no fan of immigrants. Hernandez is not taking a position regarding Martin. Tran is an associate of the anti-Mexican Trung Nguyen and Tan Nguyen. Ledesma has made immigration a cornerstone of his Assembly campaign. And Hoagy is the jerk that put Martin on the AUHSD board in the first place!

Plus the Anaheim website features pictures of Harry with Mike “ICE” Carona and former Governor Pete “187” Wilson. Not good.

I also found an article Harry wrote about education, that contains this stunning statement:

Every child deserves a fair shot at higher education. More importantly, every child deserves a chance to get a quality college education. A successful life depends on it.

That sounds good Harry – but do you include immigrant children and those whose parents are immigrants in the equation?

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