Harry & Mimi Watch – Day 3

We still have not heard from Assemblywoman Mimi Walters or Anaheim Councilman Harry Sidhu! They are running for the 33rd State Senate District, which includes a portion of the Anaheim Union High School District, where activists are trying to oust recently appointed racist Trustee Harald Martin. Both Republicans and Democrats are involved in the campaign to dump Martin, but Mimi and Harry are M.I.A.

Today I decided to take a look at Mimi’s Assembly website to see what she has to say about education. Not much as it turns out. How weird is that? Education is a HUGE issue statewide, but Walter’s completely ignores it. Apparently she is backing a bill to help veterans’ with education, and that is it. There are no other references to education on her site.

Her site is in fact very weak on the issues. But she does present a few editorials, which include this nugget, “We are fortunate. California is a beautiful place to live. In no other state do you have 1,100 miles of coastline, two chains of pristine mountains, thriving agriculture, and the driest desert in North America. In its diversity, California offers beautiful beaches, grand valleys, colossal forests, rich history, robust industry, and is the center of most high-tech advancements in the world. It is no wonder people want to live in California.”

That’s right Mimi. A lot of people want to live here. But you appear to be siding with Minuteman favorite Harald Martin. He wants to deport all Mexicans, even though many of them have lived here and paid taxes here.

I looked at Harry’s site too. Here is what he says about education:

I’ll vote to make sure that decision making is not left solely to bureaucratic policymakers. Instead, parents should have a real voice on how the system can be reformed to increase performance. And, that means holding everyone accountable: administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

And, third, I support making sure that every child reads, writes, and speaks English before they graduate and that children get a real “American” education that teaches them the positive, uplifting story of our nation’s history and our commitment to freedom. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance and learning about the heroism and bravery of our national forefathers should be a priority.

Interesting. Sidhu talks about parents having a voice. But Martin was the least popular candidate for the AUHSD board last year and he was chosen over the runner-up, Jordan Brandman. That appointment nullified the parents’ voice!

And here is what Harry says about immigration:

I strongly believe that our local, state and federal governments must work together to stop illegal immigration and protect our border. Illegal immigration costs California taxpayers billions of dollars on a yearly basis. My parents and I came to this country legally because we wanted to work hard and earn the American Dream. Unchecked illegal immigration is unfair to those who come here legally and unfair to the taxpayers who pay for their welfare.

In the State Senate, I will vote to secure our border to stop the flow of illegal aliens and take action to support federal law reforms.

So Sidhu and his parents came here legally. Why were they allowed to come here while so many Mexicans have to sneak in? What makes Harry more special than Latino immigrants?

Now we know the truth about Harry. He is yet another immigrant basher! My guess is he LOVES Harald Martin – but he doesn’t have the huevos to say so in public. Coward.

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