Crazy Claudia strikes again!

Santa Ana Councilwoman “Crazy” Claudia Alvarez struck again a couple days ago when she was speaking at the dedication of the new archway at South Main Street. Here are a few excerpts from a Total Buzz post about her latest classless episode:

Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez gave the first glimpse of the nastiness that could be in store if she becomes Democrats’ top candidate to challenge county Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

Alvarez was giving opening remarks yesterday for the dedication of a new archway on South Main Street. Nguyen, who represents the city on the Board of Supervisors, was introduced by the councilwoman. And we don’t think she modeled the introduction after Miss Manners.

“Ms. Nguyen, this is what Santa Ana looks like,” Alvarez said. ” We don’t need any more things like homeless shelters…. But welcome!”

Apparently Alvarez has now turned on her old patron, State Senator Lou Correa, regarding a homeless center that he wants to build in Santa Ana. According to Total Buzz, “I ran into Nguyen going to lunch and she said she’s taken no position yet on former Supervisor Lou Correa‘s proposal for a homeless center in Santa Ana. She also said that she’s met with every member of the Santa Ana City Council to discuss items of mutual interest — except for Alvarez because, Nguyen says, Alvarez has refused to meet with her.”

I think Senator Correa is absolutely right! We do not do nearly enough to help our homeless, and many of them are U.S. Veterans.

As for Alvarez, will she ever learn manners? I wrote a post a few weeks ago chronicling one of her earlier fits. I am sure there will be plenty more before the year is over!

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