Counter protest the anti-military clowns tomorrow!

The Orange Juice announces the “Stand up for our Troops” counter-protest, at Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office, tomorrow from 12 noon to 2 pm. Come by and let the hippy hunger strikers know that you support our troops and our Congresswoman!

These clowns have said that the union workers who make the C-17’s here in our area are “war profiteers” How dare they impugn our hard working men and women who manufacture the equipment our troops need in the Middle East? How dare they do so right before Labor Day? Let’s show these payasos that we support our friends in the unions!

The truth is, these whackos do not support ANY military action. They don’t support having a military in the first place! Some of them say they have family in the military. Well, by protesting they are putting their own family members in jeopardy! They are sending Al Qaeda the message that we don’t support our troops! That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Sure, we should not have invaded Iraq. But now that we are there, the last thing we need to do is embolden the enemy by holding these counter-productive protests. Especially by holding them at Congresswoman Sanchez’ office!

Stand up to these America-haters! Bring your lunch down to Congresswoman Sanchez’ office and eat it right in their hunger-striking faces!

Sanchez office is located at 12397 Lewis St., in Garden Grove. Call 714-621-0102 for directions. If you cannot make it tomorrow, please let Congresswoman Sanchez know you support her and our troops at this link.

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