Correa steps up to support special election in AUHSD

I attended the Los Amigos meeting in Anaheim today, where a press conference was held announcing their campaign to call for a special election in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) that will replace recently appointed racist Harald Martin with a better Trustee.

The big news was that State Senator Lou Correa is supporting the effort! He showed up with a staffer and one of his sons, and was warmly welcomed. Assemblyman Jose Solorio likewise was there to support the campaign and has pledged $1,000 of his own money to the effort. Dolores Hayes, the new field rep in Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office came and expressed the Congresswoman’s support for this effort.

Other notables at the meeting included the Chairman of Los Amigos, Amin David, and several longtime members, including Nativo Lopez, who pledged to collect 500 signatures for the campaign, and attorneys Al Amezcua and Jess Araujo. And of course my co-blogger Claudio Gallegos was there too.

Orange County Board of Education member Alexandria Coronado was there as well. She spoke about the many horrible travesties committed by Martin. You can read about some of them in today’s O.C. Register editorial, which states that, “in his past service on the board, Mr. Martin seemed more interested in deporting illegal residents than educating the kids.:

Coronado also spoke about the fact that, “In 1999, after a girl who was repeatedly sexually abused by a teacher at Cypress High School was awarded $2.5 million, Mr. Martin not only complained about the verdict, but criticized the victim, telling newspapers: “If both parties kept it secret … I think there’s some culpability on the victim’s part.”

Others who were in attendance included Jordan Brandman, the young man who should have been appointed to the AUHSD board instead of Martin, and George Collins, who filmed the meeting. You will be able to see the footage at his website. James Vanderbilt, a member of the OC GOP Central Committee, was also there to show support for the campaign. His fellow Anaheim City School District Board members Jose Moreno was also in attendance and has vowed to work to collect signatures.

At this point, Los Amigos is looking for help in collecting signatures and for donations to their Los Amigos PAC to help with the campaign. You can send checks to the Los Amigos PAC care of their treasurer, Russ Barrios, at 235 E. Maple, Orange, CA 92866.

This Saturday, volunteers will gather to collect signatures at a site to be determined. Correa stepped up and said he would feed the volunteers but the location appeared to be pending. I am sure that David will let us know the details and we will post them here at the Orange Juice!.

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